SASSA – History, Contact Details & Current CEO

SASSA is a South African Social Security Agency that provides grants to the eligible people of South Africa. Research says that more than one-third of South African citizens depend on the payments they receive from SASSA. That means SASSA is one of the significant social security agencies that help the poor and needy citizens of South Africa by providing them with financial aid.

Let’s look at the details of SASSA, what it actually is, its history, and what are the grants that it offers. The following detail tells you everything about SASSA, so let us start with the details without wasting any more time.

SASSA: South African Social Security Agency


This guide about SASSA tells you everything about SASSA, when it was created, and other relevant details about it. Make sure to focus on the description in the following guide so you know everything about SASSA in case you want to get help.

What is SASSA and its Abbreviation?

SASSA is a national social security agency of the South African government that was initiated in the year 2005. It is renowned for supplying social grants and financial aid to more than one-third of the South African people. SASSA stands for South African Social Security Agency which helps to improve the standard of living of South African citizens.

It provides allowances, financial aid services, and other living needs to vulnerable people to those who are in need. SASSA has numerous programs under it and is known as one of the reliable agencies to help the people of South Africa earn a good living. Let’s focus on the history of SASSA before looking at other key details.

SASSA History

SASSA was first founded in April 2005, and since then until now it is working to provide social security assistance in order to minimize poverty and corruption and improve the living standards of South Africa. Since 2005 until now SASSA provided lots of benefits to South African citizens and is currently serving more than one-third of the South African people. This South African Social Security Agency Is basically a national agency that is responsible for distributing social grants to eligible people so they can live a better life.

SASSA’s Current CEO: A Little Bit About Him

The Chief Executive Officer of SASSA is currently Busisiwe Memela-Khambula, Ms . She was previously the MD of Post Bank and has recently taken over Abraham Mahlangu, who has been working as the CEO of SASSA since 2018. Memela-Khambula has a senior experience in management in all types of sectors, whether private, public, or developmental.

She is a business strategist and has also had the experience of working in CEO roles in different agencies. She has also served on several boards of directors and has a vast experience mainly in the banking sector. SASSA is very positive about hiring its new CEO. The Minister said

“The SASSA and SAPO partnership in paying social grants is at an early stage, and [Memela-Khambula] appointment will certainly play a key role in increasing the momentum to ensure that service delivery is enhanced.”

No doubt, the minister is very hopeful about the enhancement in the service delivery of SASSA after the hiring of Khambula. Moreover, if you want to contact the chief executive officer of SASSA, the following are the contact details.

What does SASSA Do in South Africa?

SASSA is the official national agency that is responsible for providing financial assistance services and social grants to the needy people of South Africa. Those who are eligible can apply for the specific grant they want to get, and SASSA will provide them with the grant money if they are eligible. This helps the eligible candidates earn a good living.

It actually provides help to those who have assets and income below the level of a specific threshold. Applicants have to provide sources of proof of assets, income, marriage, and their job so that SASSA can analyze whether the applicant is eligible for the grant or not. It will then check through its criteria and will let you know whether you will get the grant or not.

What Grants Does SASSA Offer?

There are 7 different types of major grants offered by SASSA. These grants are provided to the targeted eligible people who are vulnerable to poverty.

Every grant has its own rules and regulations and eligibility criteria. Whatever grant you are going to apply for, you have to make sure that you know every detail about them.

The main grants include,

Contact Details

If you want to contact SASSA related to your queries and questions, you can simply contact the agency via the following ways.

Postal Address; Private Bag X55662, Arcadia, 0083

STREET Address; SASSA House, 501 Prodinsa Building, Cnr Steve Biko & Pretorius Streets, Pretoria

Tel; 012 400 2000 / 0800 601 011


Email: [email protected]

Official Website of SASSA

Official Social Profiles



This above-mentioned article tells you everything about SASSA and its relevant information. It includes details of who is the CEO of SASSA and what SASSA actually does in South Africa.

The guide also tells you about the grants SASSA offers and the contact points so that you can contact SASSA if you have any questions or queries. Make sure to read the details with full attention so you know what SASSA offers South African citizens and how to take the most benefit out of the grant in case they are looking for one.

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