How to Claim UIF Online? & Requirements to Apply

Do you want to claim UIF but don’t know the procedure? You can scroll down and read the details if you need help completing the process.

I researched and asked a few colleagues who claimed for Unemployment Insurance Fund and received their share. The process is easy, and you can apply online.

You can read the steps below to learn the step-by-step guide for claiming UIF online. During the process, if you are asked for any details, please provide accurate information about your banking details and personal life.

UIF Claim & Application Process

Claiming UIF, or applying for UIF in fact mean the same thing.

If you are on maternity leave or have some health issues, you can claim for the UIF. The process can be done online without visiting the nearest labor center.

This makes the process easy and efficient as you won’t have to wait in the centers. The request gets approved after the officer verifies the information.

Unemployed people will have to visit a labor center to initiate the process. This has to be done because they won’t be able to make an Employer’s account on the official website.

Step-by-Step: How To Claim or Apply UIF Online?

You can claim for Unemployment Insurance Fund by completing the eight steps below. The process is simple, so people can apply without facing any complications.

  • The first step is to visit the official website of UFiling ( and search for UIF benefits.
  • Select the unemployment benefits option from the list given.
  • A list of instructions will be provided that need to be followed for applying for UIF benefits.
  • The first instruction is to register or become an active member on the website by making an Employers account.
  • All the terms and conditions will be provided so you can agree to them if you want to proceed.
  • You will have to provide the details required on the website to claim. This includes a South African ID card number, bank details, email address, and cell phone number. All these details are mandatory if you want to claim the benefits.
  • Enter your occupation, personal details, and qualification. Please double-check the details provided and update the changes if needed.
  • Before clicking on the submit option to apply for the UIF benefits, confirm that you are looking for work and need this fund.

Hence these are easy steps that can help anyone apply for the UIF benefits if they fulfill the requirements and are eligible for the fund.

Who Can Claim UIF?

As mentioned, having a 13-digit South African ID card to apply for UIF benefits is mandatory, but this does not mean everyone can apply.

Not every South African can apply for the funds under the Unemployment Act 2001 and Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act 2002.

Only three categories of people can apply for this fund and claim it:

  • Bankrupt employers
  • Fired employees
  • Whose job contracts have ended

People falling into these three categories can claim UIF.

However, public servants or foreigners working on a contract cannot apply for the UIF benefits. People working for less than 24 hours or having old age benefits as a part of their job are also not eligible.

Requirements & Documents Needed To Claim UIF

To make the process easy, a few documents are needed to claim UIF. These must be carried along when planning to visit the nearest labor center in your city. They are examined before initiating the process so you can get the funds.

You can check all UIF Forms needed on following link

Just for an overview, these form names are given below, all the below mentioned forms can be downloaded from Above Link

For Claim due to loosing job, the forms you need to fill are:

  • UIF Employer Forms (Given in above link)
  • UI-2.1 Application form (Given in above link)
  • Bank form completed by the bank (Given in above link)
  • A letter from your Employer confirming Reduced Work Time or Temporary Lay-off due to the Coronavirus
  • Copy of your ID document

For Claim Benefit due to an Illness

  • UIF Employer Forms (Given in above link)
  • UI-2.2 (a portion of which needs to be completed by a medical doctor)
  • Bank form completed by the bank (Given in above link)
  • Copy of ID document
  • Employer Declaration (Covid19)
  • Employee Declaration (Covid19)

For Death Benefits

  • UI-19 and UI-53 (completed by the deceased’s employer)
  • UI-2.5 or UI-2.6
  • Death Certificate
  • ID of deceased and applicant
  • Bank form completed by the bank (Given in above link)
  • Copy of ID document

Hence, both forms are available on the website and can be provided in the labor center during your visit.

Can you claim UIF if you retire in South Africa?

Yes, you can claim for UIF if you retire in South Africa and have no plans to seek more work because of your age. However, you cannot claim UIF if you choose early retirement.

How to check if you are registered for UIF online in South Africa?

You can check if you are registered for UIF on your BizProfile. You won’t receive any message from them, so you must check yourself.

A brief but informative article on how to claim for UIF online is given to help people out there. If you have been ill, unemployed, or were on maternity leave, you can apply for these benefits while seeking more work opportunities.

The process for claiming is straightforward and can be done online. If you are not registered, you can visit the nearest labor center and apply for UIF.


  1. I have registered at labour office recieved my payouts for June and July than I claimed online that was August but I’m still waiting I did check claim status and payment status keep on showing payment is in progress

    1. Can you claim your uif money and work for a week after the uif claiming application, will they still pay me my money because I’m confused

  2. I applied for mu uif payout on 7 July 2023, an assessors boyfriend contacted me and said I must pay R950 to speed up my application which I read is against the law and declined. My claim has been sitting at the assessor for over a month. I have called and emailed numerous times with this exact message and I get told my claim is waiting to be paid or an email saying someone will get back to me.

  3. I recieved my 1st payout in June its Septemeber already i phoned their call centre cause when i checked it showed my claim is approved and payment is in progress but now i recieved an sms stating claim is by the claims officer but the lady from the call centre say their was claims made for July August and September but no payout she dont understand but will look into the matter now i want to check my balance and tried all alternative ways that was given but no luck can you help me please

  4. Hi applied online for my July and August monthly payment and it just show payment in process for almost 3 months pls help

  5. Hi i did my bank details this month and they send me a sms to say within 7day my money will be in my account today is my 7th day but still no payment why is there a delay

  6. Thank you so much ,learn alot ,because l didn’t know now how the online application work ,but now l now l really appreciate it, it was really help full

  7. I’ve claim my UIF I didn’t get the money,it keep say no payment registered but before it say payment in progress,I don’t know what can I do

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