How & Who can Claim UIF for a Deceased Person?

The most common question that people have regarding UIF insurance is, who can claim UIF for a deceased person?

who can claim uif for a deceased person

Losing your loved ones brings an array of problems where usually people get stuck in order to claim for the insurance process. The last and most important thing after the death of your loved one is to claim UIF for the deceased person.

Claiming for UIF for a deceased person is a tough procedure, which requires form filling and various trips to the labour office. If you are going through the same situation then you should read this article completely to know everything regarding the UIF claims.

In this article, I have shared the details to let you know who can claim UIF for a deceased person in order to get momentary financial aid.

How to Claim UIF For A Deceased Person?

The living spouse can apply for the UIF benefits within the 18 months after the death.

Each organization has different procedural requirements for claiming insurance. UIF is the platform where you can get temporary financial support to fulfill the needs of your family.

To claim for UIF for a deceased person you need to know the proper procedure. Many employees who are unable to earn due to several different reasons do apply for the UIF to get proper financial support.

When that person dies it becomes the responsibility of the dependents to claim UIF for a deceased person. I faced a similar situation and it took me really long to claim UIF.

I went to the labour office several times to claim funds, which made me tired as well. So, here I will tell you the easy procedure of how to claim UIF for a deceased person in order to get the required funds.

Nowadays things are quite easier than before because you can do things simply online without visiting the office repeatedly. The dependent of the deceased person needs to claim their funds while other people cannot do it.

Here, I will tell you about people who can claim UIF for a deceased person. Also, I will tell you what are the requirements for submitting the application to claim UIF for a deceased person.

Process of Applying For UIF Benefits

Well, the following are the steps for applying for UIF benefits.

  • Firstly, you need to prepare the documents that you need to apply for UIF benefits. Click here to download all forms for death benefits.
  • Secondly, fulfill all the requirements of the forms.
  • Once the form is ready you need to visit the nearest labour center to submit the documents.
  • Lastly, you need to follow the instructions that the staff provides.

Requirement For Claiming UIF

Here are the requirements for the documentation that you need to complete for claiming UIF.

  • Firstly, you have to arrange 13 digital bar-coded ID cards, a Passport, a Smart card, and the death certificate of the deceased person.
  • The death certificate of the deceased person is very important to claim UIF.
  • If a guardian is claiming for the UIF for the deceased children then proof of guardianship is necessary. Also, the childbirth confirmation letter should be taken from the school as well for claiming UIF benefits.
  • If the spouse is collecting UIF benefits then their marriage certificate is a major requirement,
  • The documentation required for the life partner is a Lobola letter.
  • Schooling proof of dependents is also required when applying for UIF benefits.

Conditions for UIF Death Benefits

  • Well, the following are the qualifying conditions for UIF death benefits who are applying for UIF for a deceased person.
  • The important condition is that the surviving spouse can apply for UIF benefits in order to get all the funds.
  • Well, a dependent child cannot apply for it, rather a child guardian can do it on their behalf of them.
  • You need to claim it within 18 months after the death of a person and if you do it late then there comes a condition in which the child guardian who is age 21 can apply for it.
  • Well, children who are of age 21 or above can apply for it.

Who can claim the death benefit?

Well, there are certain conditions for claiming death benefits. The first and most important condition is that the surviving spouse can easily claim UIF for the deceased person. The active member is the first condition for entitlement.

How long does it take for death benefits to be paid?

Well, after completing all the required procedures of the forms and submitting them to the labour center you get the death benefits after a whole year.

What are the rules for death benefits?

Death proof like a certificate of the dead person is required in order to get the death benefits.

What is the process of a death claim?

The process is simple as you need to complete the claiming process first. Then, you need to give the basic information required, which includes ID card number, date of death, cause of death, name of the insured, policy number, name of the claimant, etc.

How much is the death claim?

The death benefits basically depend upon the contributors, their monthly salary, and the amount of payment they are contributing.


Well, I hope that now you have got an idea of how you can claim UIF for a deceased person. After reading this article, the application procedure will get easier for you. You just need to fulfill all the demands that are required for claiming UIF for a deceased person. I am sure that this article has made things easier for you after reading the detailed information regarding the UIF claim.

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