UIF Calculator: Calculate Total or Maternity Payout

Following is the UIF calculator where you can enter your monthly salary and it will automatically calculate your daily and total UIF benefit amount.

UIF Calculator: Total & Daily Benefit Amount

There are always between 260 – 264 weekdays (Monday-Friday) in a given year.

How to Calculate UIF Payout?

uif calculator

Calculation of UIF payout depends upon five steps and you need to know your Monthly income for it.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Calculate daily income through your monthly income by multiplying monthly income with 12 and then dividing it by 365.
  2. Then use the Income Replacement Rate (IRR) formula to calculate IRR which is 29.2 + (7173.92 / (232.92 +Y1) where Y1 is the daily income we calculated above.
  3. Now multiply this IRR percentage (It can be 38% minimum to maximum of 60%) with Y1 again to get daily benefit amount.
  4. Then calculate credit days. Credit days are accumulated as follows: for every four days you work as a contributor, you receive one day’s credits subject to a maximum of 365 credit days. For example in a normal year of 365 days if you work 260 days of the year, you get 65 credit days.
  5. Then multiply Daily benefit amount with credit days and you will get the Total Annual Benefit Amount.

UIF Calculation Example

Let’s repeat the exact above steps with an example. Assume the user’s monthly income is ZAR 20,000 and they worked 260 days in a year.

Step 1: Calculate the Daily Income (Y1)

Y1 = (Monthly income * 12) / 365
   = (20000 * 12) / 365
   = ZAR 657.53 per day

Step 2: Calculate the Income Replacement Rate (IRR)

IRR = 29.2 + (7173.92 / (232.92 + Y1))
    = 29.2 + (7173.92 / (232.92 + 657.53))
    = 37.2565% (considering the range 38%-60%)

Step 3: Calculate the Daily Benefit Amount (DBA)

DBA = IRR * Y1
    = 0.38 * 657.53
    = ZAR 249.86 per day

Step 4: Calculate Credit Days

For 260 worked days, we have:
Credit Days = 260 / 4 
            = 65 days

Step 5: Calculate the Total Annual Benefit Amount

Total Annual Benefit Amount = DBA * Credit Days
                           = 249.86 * 65
                           = ZAR 16240.9

Final Results:

Average Daily Wage: ZAR 657.53

Daily Benefit Amount: ZAR 249.86

Total Annual Benefit Amount: ZAR 16240

Once you have calculated the UIF payout. You can submit your claim online also here is a guide on payout process.

What if you were on a maternity leave? the payout amount can differ so let’s talk about that.

UIF Maternity Calculator

You can use UIF maternity calculator to calculate top up how much UIF will pay you incase of leaves.

You need to know your wage during leaves and actual pay for that. Just input these and credit days to calculate your UIF maternity benefits.

Let us calculate with an example if the Normal Salary: 20000 and Salary During Leaves: 15000 is assumed.

  1. Calculate Daily Income (YI): Daily income = (20000 * 12) / 365 Daily income = 657.53 (rounded to 2 decimal places)
  2. Calculate Daily Benefit Amount (DBA): Daily benefit amount = 0.66 * 657.53 Daily benefit amount = 433.06 (rounded to 2 decimal places)
  3. Calculate Daily Income while on leave: Daily income while on leave = (15000 * 12) / 365 Daily income while on leave = 493.15 (rounded to 2 decimal places)
  4. Calculate Top Up: Top up = 657.53 – 493.15 Top up = 164.38 (rounded to 2 decimal places)
  5. Calculate Daily UIF Maternity Benefit: Daily UIF maternity benefit = Minimum(Top up, Daily Benefit Amount) Daily UIF maternity benefit = Minimum(164.38, 433.06) Daily UIF maternity benefit = 164.38 (rounded to 2 decimal places)

Therefore, the Daily UIF Maternity Benefit for the given example is 164.38.

What is the UIF Percentage for Contributions?

The UIF percentage is 1% deducted from the employee’s salary and an additional 1% contributed by the employer, the total UIF deduction would be 2% of the employee’s monthly salary.

For a salary of R20,000, the calculation would be as follows:

UIF Deduction:

Employee Contribution: 1% of R20,000 = R200

Employer Contribution: 1% of R20,000 = R200

Total UIF Deduction: R200

(Employee Contribution) + R200 (Employer Contribution) = R400

Salary After UIF Deduction: R20,000 - R400 = R19,600

Therefore, if your salary is R20,000 and the total UIF percentage is 2%, your entitled salary after UIF deductions would be R19,600.

That’s all. If you have any questions you can comment. You can proceed with getting to know about does UIF pay the same every month and how to check UIF payout.


  1. Gooday my salary was R15.696 per month I apply for benifits it’s my 5 time that uif paid me but why only R369 can you help please

  2. Hello
    I want to know how much i get for martenity leave if i only work for a year in that industry and few months in another company. Then i only get played 990

  3. I have been working for various employers since 2017 and now i am dismissed at my previous employer. Will my UIF from past employers be combined or not when i claim?

  4. good day i apply online on the 27February after allot off hicups every time i have to submit another missing form my friend helped me online so my status is after 7 months now sent to paymaster its being 16 days now and still no confirmation sms from them i have sent since february about 10 emails and call after call but no answer from uif

  5. Hi my name is clement khomoatsana I’m 65years old,I worked at a manucipality for 32yrs uif was deducted every month,I was getting paid R23000 every month before I retired,but to my surprise i only received R9000 for my 1st payment from uif,is this fair?

  6. I worke a certa company .and i was retrenched
    I waited for my ui19 when they send it it has wrong Surname and id number am 76 they send 88 id on.my ui19.can i get help

  7. Good evening I just want to ask I go for application at lobor department I got all document but when they check on there system doesn’t show any amount of money and they call my boss she says the HR is not around to help them it was last year August so I want to know am I gonna still get my services course am no longer working they terminated my contract after I took merteniy leave thank you

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