13 Free Online Teaching Courses with Certificates

Are you a South African educator looking to expand your teaching skills or explore innovative teaching methodology? If so, you are in the right place.

In the era of continuous learning and evolving classroom dynamics, access to high-quality professional development is essential for teachers and educators. One accessible venue for enhancing teaching skills and learning teaching methodology is through online teaching courses.

These teaching courses offer valuable insights, resources, and certifications that assist teachers in sharpening their prowess and enable them to excel in the ever-evolving field of education. Therefore, keep reading if you are curious about what these courses are and how they can empower you to become a more effective and confident educator. Let’s get started!

These courses cover a wide range of topics, from classroom management and special education to the adoption of inclusive teaching practices. These teaching courses aim to benefit individual from all walks of life who seek to enhance their knowledge and skills in education. Furthermore, these courses offer flexibility in terms of scheduling, which allows educators to access course material at their convenience.

Additionally, these courses are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the need to be physically close to educational institutes. The best thing about these online teaching courses lies not only in their accessibility but also in the recognition they offer. After successfully finishing these courses, you will receive certificates that will enhance your resume.

Moreover, there are specific courses that focus on specialized areas, such as teaching English as a second language (TESOL), and more, allowing educators to hone their expertise in particular domains.

Now, let me tell you about some online free teaching courses in South Africa with certificates you can explore.

Let’s get started:

1. Emerging Trends and Technologies in The Virtual K-12 Classroom

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Education
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • Social Media

Time of Completion: Over Five Weeks (flexible schedule)

Course Modules: Four

Cost: Free

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) offers the Emerging Trends and Technologies course through the popular website called Coursera. This course provides educators the opportunity to learn how to use technology in a creative way within virtual classroom settings.

Furthermore, this course is specifically designed for K-12 (Kindergarten through 12 grade) instructors.

Even though this course specifically targets virtual education, you can also apply the instructions and ideas to traditional classroom settings. This course is primarily an excellent choice for those who want to implement new teaching methods in their classroom.

You can complete this course over five weeks, and the best thing about it is that you can learn at your own pace with a flexible schedule and no limitations.

2. Classroom Management- Fundamental of Teaching and Education

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Teaching
  • Classroom management
  • Effective learning

Course Modules: Four

Cost: $49.99

As a teacher, one of the primary responsibilities is to effectively manage the classroom and cultivate a positive environment that fosters student learning and creativity. Therefore, creating an atmosphere of respect, motivation, and engagement within the classroom is important for nurturing the intellectual growth of every student.

This course provides you with strategies and tools to develop a classroom management plan that helps build a positive environment.

However, before you apply for this course there are certain requirements you must fulfill, including having a basic knowledge of classroom management, teaching, education, and students behaviors. The “Classroom Management” course targets teachers at various levels, including experienced educators, beginners, those facing challenges in managing classrooms, and university students pursuing education degrees.

Lastly, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate as a testament to your achievements.

3. An Introduction to New Thinking for Your Classroom

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Classroom management
  • Teaching skills
  • Education

Time: 1.5-3 hours of learning

Course Modules: Two

Cost: Free

An introduction to new thinking for your classroom course focuses on developing teaching and learning skills. If you wish to improve your teaching skills and learn how to bring fresh thinking to your classroom, then this is for you. Moreover, this course is for all teachers, whether new or experienced.

Commonwealth Education Trust initiates this course with the sole purpose of advancing education across the Commonwealth. Therefore, apply for this free course now if you wish to sharpen your teaching skills and adopt new methodologies.

In this free course, you will learn how to identify your own strengths, reflect on your experiences as a student and their impact on teaching, reflect on your own teaching practice, and identify the areas you wish to develop.

4. Analytics For The Classroom Teacher

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Lesson planning
  • Data-driven instructions
  • Data analysis
  • Learning analytics
  • Teaching

Time of Completion: Six weeks

Course Modules: Five

Cost: Free

Curtin University (CU) offers this course through the famous online portal called edX. In today’s technology and remote instruction era, analytics hold greater relevance for educators than ever. It empowers teachers to make data-driven decisions and adapt their teaching methods to enhance the learning experience for students.

Do not be scared by the term “analytics”; this course aims to make it approachable and to guide you in its practical application within your teaching. If you wish to learn how educational data analytics can help improve your classroom teaching and learning, enroll in this free course.

In addition, by the end of this course, you will be able to understand how to use teaching analytics to analyze your lesson plans and assess how well your lesson plan is taught in the classroom.

5. Motivating Students To Learn

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Teaching
  • Education
  • Classroom management
  • Motivation

Time: 1.5-3 hours of learning

Course Modules: Six

Cost: Free

Every teacher hopes to inspire motivation in their students in the classroom, fostering a positive and engaging learning environment. In this online student motivation training course, you will learn about the different factors that impact student motivation and discover how to calculate a classroom environment that highly encourages highly motivated learning.

Therefore, if you are a teacher struggling to inspire and maintain motivation among your students, this course is tailored to address your needs.

Furthermore, in this course, you will learn multiple theories, including Behaviorism, Operant conditioning, and self-efficacy, which will provide valuable insights and tools to better understand and enhance student motivation. By the end of this course, you will successfully be able to apply these theories and strategies to motivate your students effectively and create an engaging learning environment.

What’s more exciting is that if you score 80 percent or above on the assessments and quizzes, you can purchase a certificate in the Alison shop. You can include this course certificate in your CVs and resume or professional media websites to showcase your expertise to potential employers and colleagues in the education field.

6. Introduction To Family Engagement in Education

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Family engagement
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Engagement strategies
  • Assessment and evaluation

Time of Completion: Six weeks (2-4 hrs per week)

Course Modules: 1

Cost: Free

Through the platform edX, Harvard University offers the course “Introduction to Family Engagement in Education,” providing valuable insights and strategies to enhance family engagement in children’s education. This course aims to provide educators and school administrators with essential knowledge for building positive and productive family partnerships.

This course explores the importance of involving families in the education process and equips participants with practical tools to enhance family engagement in schools and classrooms.

Moreover, after finishing this course you will learn to understand the significance of family engagement in student’s success and the extra advantages that family engagement offers to parents, educators, and communities. Whether you are an experienced educator looking to strengthen your family engagement practices or a new teacher keen to learn the basics, “Introduction to Family Engagement in Education ” offers valuable insights.

7. Teaching Character and Creating a Positive Classroom

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Character development
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Effective communication
  • Teaching

Time of Completion: Three weeks (3hrs per week)

Course Modules: Five

Cost: Free

The course “Teaching Character and Creating a Positive Classroom” aims to equip educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to foster positive character development in students and create a supportive classroom environment. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to create a positive environment among students in the classroom to nurture a supportive atmosphere for effective learning.

This course focuses on instilling values, promoting social-emotional learning, and nurturing positive behaviors in students. By utilizing lectures, discussions, interviews, and real-life examples of exceptional educators and instructors, you will gain the skills needed to incorporate character-based objectives into your teaching practices smoothly. There are five modules in this course, and each one focuses on key aspects of character education and its practical implementation in the classroom.

8. Get Organized: How to be a Together Teacher

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Time management
  • Productivity
  • Organization
  • Teaching

Time of Completion: Three weeks (2hr per week)

Course Modules: Six

Cost: Free

The “Get Organized: How to be a Together Teacher” focuses on helping educators develop effective organizational skills for managing the demands of teaching. If you get frustrated trying to juggle numerous tasks, then this course can help you streamline your workload and boost your efficiency. This is specifically for those teachers who are inexperienced and encounter challenges in handling and organizing different tasks and schedules.

The Together Teacher explores the importance of proactive planning, offers practical tools for monitoring time commitments, deadlines, and tasks, and assists teachers in establishing a personalized organized system that effortlessly aligns with their daily routines and professional practices. Additionally, this course will help you to manage time, organize the classroom, improve communication with students, and gain strategies for managing stress. If you want to enhance your productivity, then hurry up and sign up.

9. Foundation of Teaching For Learning: Being a Teacher

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Instructional strategies
  • Classroom management
  • Professionalism
  • Teaching

Time of Completion: Three weeks (3hr per week)

Course Modules: Six

Cost: Free

Commonwealth Education Trust offers the “Foundation of Teaching For Learning” course to equip aspiring educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to embark on a successful teaching career.

Therefore, if you are looking to pursue a career in the teaching profession then this course offers you the right guidance. With dynamic and innovative lessons from esteemed professionals across the Commonwealth, this comprehensive eight-course program will help you enhance your teaching skills and assessment techniques.

Enroll in this course and gain insight into the responsibilities and professional standards of teachers and also develop skills in designing assessments, providing constructive feedback, and using assessment data to improve instruction. Furthermore, what’s exciting about this course is that you can fix a schedule according to your own timing and requirements. Hence, making it easier for you to complete the course without feeling burdened.

10. Get Interactive: Practical Teaching With Technology

Skills You Will Learn

  • Digital literacy
  • Technology integration strategy
  • Classroom management
  • Digital assessment

Time of Completion: Three weeks (five hrs per week)

Course Modules: Three

Cost: Free

In the modern era, the use of technology has become an integral and transformative aspect of teaching and learning. Therefore, it is necessary for educators to embrace and effectively utilize technological tools to enhance the educational experience and prepare students for the challenges of the digital age.

Apply for this course if you wish to improve your teaching skills by integrating technology, such as multimedia tools to create an interactive learning environment for your students.

Throughout the course, you will have access to multiple learning resources, including readings, videos, practical activities, assignments, discussions, and final assessments. Furthermore, as a part of the learning experience, you will be randomly assigned fellow partner’s tests or assessments to evaluate, so that you can receive your own marks or grade. This course empowers educators to harness the potential of technology to create engaging and effective learning experiences for students in the classroom.

11. Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Interactive virtual tool
  • Classroom management
  • Technology integration
  • Student engagement

Time: Eight hours (Flexible schedule)

Course Modules: Five

Cost: Free

The “Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom” course is initiated by the University of California, Irvine, with the intention of providing educators with advanced techniques and strategies for effectively teaching in online or virtual learning environments.

Moreover, this course will enable you to effectively apply strategies in the critical areas of K-12 virtual instruction, making a significant impact on the field of virtual education. Whether you are an experienced online instructor or transitioning to virtual education, this course will surely provide valuable insight to enhance your virtual teaching skills.

By the end of this course, you will be able to explore the significance of direct instruction in the context of a virtual course and employ instructional strategies that inspire and engage your students, encouraging them to develop critical thinking skills. This course is strongly recommended for online educators involved in online teaching; hence, do not waste your time and apply for this free online teaching course.

Additionally, you will receive a certificate upon achieving a score of 80 or higher in the assessments, validating your successful completion of the course. Furthermore, you can include your certificates on your resume and professional online profiles (LinkedIn profile, etc.), showcasing your commitment and expertise to professional development.

12. Teaching Children With Visual Impairment: Creating Empowering Classroom

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Eye conditions
  • Expanded core curriculum
  • Visual impairment
  • Assistive technology
  • Adaptive teaching techniques

Time of Completion: Three weeks (four hours per week)

Course Modules: Four

Cost: Free

“Teaching Children With Visual Impairment: Creating Empowering Classroom” is offered by the University of Cape Town and is especially designed to cater to the needs of educators and professionals who are seeking to educate children with visual impairment. Moreover, in this course, you will gain an understanding of a wide range of eye conditions that affect visually impaired kids, each with its distinctive impact on education and behavior.

In addition, in this course, you will explore a special curriculum that helps visually impaired kids learn things they simply can not see or observe. “Teaching Children With Visual Impairment” focuses on creating an inclusive and empowering classroom environment where students with visual impairment can thrive academically and socially.

Whether, you are a classroom teacher, special education teacher, or support professional, this course provides essential knowledge and insight to ensure that all students can access quality education and showcase their full potential.

13. Teaching Critical Thinking through Art with the National Gallery of Art

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Pedagogy
  • Zoom
  • Teaching
  • Arts integration
  • Critical thinking
  • Museum education

Time of Completion: Sixteen weeks (3-4 hrs per week)

Course Modules: Four

Cost: Free

Apply for this course and learn how to utilize art as a tool for fostering critical thinking skills in students. Adapted from the renowned ArtAround Corner professional development program for teachers in Washington, D.C., this comprehensive course equips you with tools to cultivate a culture of critical thinking and collaboration within your classroom, regardless of the subject or grade level. Furthermore, you do not need any art background or access to museums to incorporate the course material into your teachings effectively.

Basically, this course is all about using art as a tool to develop the student’s ability to think deeply and inspire their creativity and intellectual curiosity. In addition, this course is tailored to beginners, ensuring it is open to individuals with no prior knowledge or experience, thus, making it exclusive and accessible to all prospective learners. By the end of this course, you will learn how to use art to improve thinking and also learn about exciting and engaging activities for any type of classroom.

Are these courses really free, or are there hidden costs?

Yes, they are free. Many online courses do not require any fee, but some charge a fee for certification upon completion. Moreover, before applying for any course, it is essential to read details and understand any associated costs.

How can I find free online teaching courses with certificates in South Africa?

You can find these teaching courses by exploring online platforms, visiting the websites of South African universities, or consulting educational organizations. Popular online websites, including Coursera, edX, FutureLearn, Alison, and more offer free and paid courses to South African educators and online instructors.

Concluding Statement

In conclusion, in an era where learning is essential to adapt to evolving classroom dynamics, online courses provide an accessible path to professional development. The availability of free online teaching courses in South Africa offers educators a valuable opportunity to enhance their skills and stay updated with modern teaching methodologies.

Whether you are an experienced teacher looking to polish your skills or someone aspiring to pursue a career in the teaching profession, these courses offer a wealth of resources and insights.

Moreover, all of these courses mentioned in the list cover a wide range of topics, from classroom management to technology integration, catering to educators at various stages of their careers.

By enrolling in these free courses, you will be able to gain valuable insights, resources, and certificates that will polish your skills and boost your resume and career prospects. Therefore, apply for these free courses without any geographic constraints and embark on a journey of continuous learning and professional growth.

All of these courses are free, and you can join anytime to unlock the world of knowledge and expertise. However, if you have the financial means, you also have the option to choose the upgraded version of these online teaching courses.

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