Chilton Caregiver Courses & Online Application Process

Are you an elderly caregiver who is on the hunt for short courses recognized internationally? Well, you’re at the right place because today’s article covers two Chilton Caregiver courses that help in learning soft skills. These will help you understand and communicate with the person under care.

If you want to explore the details and know about the application process, dig into the details below. I did my best to provide all the necessary information that will help you make up your mind.

Chilton Care International is based in South Africa and has eight different locations. The campus closed after the pandemic, and the short courses are offered online. The Chilton’s main objective is to provide courses focusing on elderly care, disabled people, cooking, and crafts activities.

You can apply for the course online and complete it quickly. If you register for a single course, you’ll have to pay R 900. However, if you buy two courses together, you’ll save R 600, which is fantastic.

After graduation, you can print your certificate and get it laminated as proof. I have mentioned a few caregiver courses Chilton offers so you can register for them. The steps for the online registration are also explained for your convenience.

Elderly Care Assistant, Nurse Aide Course

The Elderly Care Assistant Nurse Aide is a combo course that helps you train and get experienced to become a companion to an older person. It is an excellent course that focuses on soft skills utilized in the domestic environment. You can learn to become a perfect companion to an older person while living in their home.

After completing the course, you’ll have more knowledge about properly cooking nutritional meals and the general care of the old companion. The course provides all the knowledge that an elderly care worker must have. Although you must learn at your own pace, real-time practical work experience is essential.

Buy the course from the official website and download the course manual and audio material. Go through the material every day to learn new things. Solve the exercise questions and multiple choice questions to test your knowledge.

Online Application Process

The online application process is easy and can be done within a few minutes. I am writing the steps that explain the process so you can follow them as a guide.

  • Open the official website, and click “Courses” next to the home button on the screen. You’ll see an option that says “Click Here to Register” to browse all the available courses.
  • Scroll down to go through all the courses and click the “Add Course” button to buy the Elderly Care Assistant, Nurse Aide Course.
  • If you add any other course with it, you’ll save R 600.
  • After you’ve added the courses, find “Click To Buy” at the bottom of your screen.
  • To continue the process, you must first register by providing personal information. Add your billing information to complete the purchase. Enter the debit/credit card number and double-check before verifying the data.
  • After the payment, you can see your courses and begin to learn.
  • Download the course material and visit the student portal to complete the quizzes to check your knowledge.

Special Needs, Disabilities Combo Course

The Special Needs, Disabilities is a combo course by Chilton for children and older people who need special attention and care. The training course focuses on crafts and stimulating activities so children have more opportunities and secure higher-paid jobs in the future.

Usually, the nannies or parents lack skills that can be useful to understand and communicate with special people. This combo course costs R 900, but you can get a discount by buying another course.

Online Application Process

You can register for the Special Needs, Disabilities Combo Course by visiting the official website of Chilton Care International. Go through the steps for buying any course for the first time.

  • Visit the official website and browse all the courses to find the one you want to purchase.
  • Add the course to your cart and click the “Click To Buy” button at the end of the screen.
  • If you’re visiting the website for the first time, you’ll have to register; if not, enter your name and password to complete the purchase.
  • After completing the process, download all the material on your phone and laptop. Go through the material daily and solve questions to test yourself.


Which courses does Chilton offer?

Chilton Care International offers five different short courses to people from all around the world. They offer an Elderly Care Assistant Course, an Advanced Childcare Course, a Special Needs Course, Crafts and Activities, and an Assistant Chef and Baking Course. You can register for any two courses together and save R 600.

Is Chilton internationally recognized?

Chilton Care International is recognized internationally. It offers short online courses to people so they can gain practical experience and get high paid jobs. You can find thousands of happy customers that are using the Chilton methods.

What are caregiver duties?

As a caregiver, the person has to manage meals, medication, cooking, cleaning, grocery and doctor’s appointments. The courses offered by Chilton Care International focus on soft skills that help in the domestic environment.

A short article on Chilton Caregiver Courses is given so you can apply for the ones you like. These online courses come with video material and a manual that helps learn soft skills utilized during practical experiences.

You can register for more than one online course and save some money. The information related to the courses, along with the steps for application, will help you buy your favorite course.


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