Online Short Courses in South Africa with Certificates

Online short courses are available in vast amounts; people enroll for these courses, get lectures, and after assessments, they get certificates without spending a penny on fair or wasting a minute.

I know you are interested in knowing more about online short courses in South Africa with certificates, so let’s break down the seven in-demand programs; come with me.

Before we start digging, I want to clear two points; the first is to discard a common myth that online courses have no worth as they are not credible. However, there are institutes recognized by the higher education authorities of South Africa and allowed to continue their enlightenment.

The main thing is the myth has no touch of reality, and these courses have worth. I will tell you the scope, of course, so that you can understand its worth deeply.

The second point is that they say these certificates are easy to craft, so there is no need to get admission to a university; instead, create a certificate on your own. Here, I should warn you that the government of South Africa and the institute you will mention in the certificate can take legal action against you.

So, instead of tricking and lying to so many people, pick up a course and get a certificate by all means, making the process easy and legal for you.

1. Property Development and Investment Online Short Course

  • 8 modules
  • 8 weeks duration
  • English language
  • 7 to 8 hours per week

South Africa is home to 117 universities, but the most famous among all of them is the University of Cape Town. It is not only known for its quality education but is also good at providing job crafting courses. In simple words, the university offers completely new courses in which students learn the latest dimension of knowledge and craft their jobs according to the course.

The university offers a highly demanded short course, Property Development and Investment, for those interested in the real estate business. The course duration is about 8 weeks, in which you will study a new module every week. In this course, you will learn various skills, such as identifying the opportunities to invest money and keeping an eye on new market trends, plus an understanding of property management, development, and financing.


The course is highly demanding in South Africa as the country is growing its real estate sector. One who has done this course can get a job in different fields such as property valuation, property investment counseling, project management, legal tax counseling, real estate agent, sales manager, and financial analyst. There is a list of careers you can choose after completing this short course within eight weeks duration.

2. AI Programming With Python Course

  • Overall introduction to Python
  • Learning tools of Python
  • 10 days duration
  • 20 hours course

People are getting admissions in useless old short courses such as the French language or learning how to use Microsoft, but this time, you can make a difference. Basically, this course is for those who are interested in deep machine learning and using AI tools. The course is by the School of IT for the students of South Africa, a well-known and credible platform.

The course duration is about ten days, in which you will study 20 hours. Now, you may question what is the method of education on this platform. Basically, it provides lecture videos and notes to the students so they can study on their own, plus an expert is always available to solve your queries. The certificate is given by the institute after completing the course and clearing assessments.


In the near future, artificial intelligence will cover every field, from agriculture to health departments and education. However, learning AI in the future will be the top course, but right now, you can do it for a few bucks. Anyhow, you can go into a number of fields, from web development to AI engineering, AI product management, or AI startup founder; in short, there are a lot of opportunities for AI experts in South Africa.

3. Digital Marketing Strategy Bundle

  • 28 weeks duration
  • 7 to 10 hours per week
  • Flexible course structure
  • Beginner level

If you want the most credible course certificate, then look no further than the University Of Cape Town, which is offering an in-demand course. In this course, you will learn all the basics about digital marketing and how to develop strategies for marketing. The course is divided into further subsections in which you will study all the fundamentals one by one.

The short course will end in 28 weeks, which is a bit longer duration but the program is designed according to the complexity of the topic. Furthermore, you will learn a list of skills such as how to attract customers or the way to promote a product quicker than traditional methods. Anyhow, the course is highly demanded in South Africa therefore if you are interested in marketing you should join it.


If you are interested in this short course, you should know that it is one of the highest-paying careers. There is a list of the fields in which you can go, for example, SEO specialist, PPC specialist, email marketing specialist, digital marketing consultant, content marketing manager, or digital marketing manager. This course opens new doors of opportunity for the future, and soon, it will be the most demanding course in South Africa.

4. Data Analyst Nanodegree Program

  • 3 months duration
  • Intermediate level
  • Real-world projects
  • Guidance under the experts

Data science is one of the most high-paying jobs in South Africa and is in high demand. If you have a 3-month or 6-month course certificate, you can get a respectable job effortlessly. The course I have mentioned is by an online platform that will provide you with a valid certificate so you can add it on social media platforms or get a print of it.

However, the duration of this course is about 3 months, during which you will learn the basics of data analysis, data management, and development fundamentals. The student will get notes and video lectures after completing the tasks and quizzes in the given duration. You have to pass an assessment, and the certificate is in your hands. The course is very simple, plus the method of education makes it easier for the students to finish the course.


Learning data science is the best way to make money; it is a field where you can earn unstoppable money. Data science is one of the top careers in South Africa because every organization, from minor to middle size and large, is hiring data analysts. You can go into business intelligence, data analysis, data architecture, data consulting, data product management, or data engineering.

5. Human Resource (HR) Management

  • 10 weeks duration
  • English language
  • Beginner level
  • Self-paced learning

Human resource management is considered the most respectable job in South Africa; it is a job in which one has to follow all protocols and deal with the complexities that the current organization cannot tackle. The reason behind its popularity is its scope in all fields and the high pay of the employees.

The course is offered by the University Of Cape Town for 10 weeks only. After completing this course, the alumni reported that they had an incredible experience, and the learning method is so simple that even a person with no basic ideas can learn human resource management through this course. Furthermore, the course is divided into 10 modules to make it convenient for the students.

In this course, the students will study HR, its policies, requirements, and procedures of performance management. The students will also learn how to recruit employees and select and assess the new employees. In short, the course teaches theoretical knowledge about human resource management and maximizing business.


Human resource management is the backbone of every organization, from banks to education departments or private call centers everywhere the need for a smart human resource manager is required. Therefore, this short course has more scope than we consider; you can go as a recruit manager, generalist, HR compensation and benefits specialist, HR training and development specialist, or HR consultant.

6. Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics

  • 6 weeks long
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Assessments included
  • 14 steps enrolment

If you are looking for something more complicated and a bit different from the current trends, then you should enroll in this course. The course is offered by the University of Cape Town, which provides certificates after completing it in the given duration. The course duration is about six weeks, which you have to study through the video lectures and notes, and the guidance of the experts is also available so that you can ask them anytime regarding your queries.

There is a list of factors you should consider if you are enrolling in this program, and the first one is that it is for beginners, so you have to study the basics of clinical research. Then, the enrolment procedure is a bit longer, in which you have to provide all authentic and essential information about your previous academic career. The third thing is that the course is all for those who are in any kind of clinical or healthcare field, such as psychologists, surgeons, neuroscientists, etc.

If you are concerned about the certificate, then you should know that the platform provides a shareable certificate that you can show on your LinkedIn or other social media websites. The University of Cape Town will give you the certificate after you pass the assessments. The course requires prior knowledge of statistics and basic concepts of the p-value before starting the course.


It is the most underestimated field but the majority of people do not know that the clinical research method is a worldwide famous career. There are limitless opportunities for a student after completing this course, but remember that it is a practical field; therefore, your research skills should be more polished than mediocre. However, you can become a clinical research associate, clinical data analyst, medical writer, work in a research paper organization, health economist, and so on.

7. Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries

  • 17 hours duration
  • Intermediate level
  • 6 modules
  • 6 quizzes and 3 assessments

The last short course for the social science students is Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries. The course is instructed by Harald Winkler, and senior faculty members of the University Of Cape Town are involved in developing the modules and schedule of the course. The course consists of 6 modules, in which you will learn each module a week for 5 to 6 hours, depending on the course material.

The course is specially designed for social sciences students as the coming phenomenon of climate change can destroy the ecology of the country; therefore, the pursuit of this course is to teach students what measures we can take to stop this catastrophe. Further, the course is all about the complicated elements involved in climate change, so it is for intermediate-level students who have a basic understanding of climate change.

The course depends upon the video lectures and the notes; after each module, the students will have a quiz related to the previous studies, and after 2 modules, they will participate in the assessments. According to the alumni of the online campus, the course is very informative and increases the understanding of ongoing problems on the globe. So, if you are interested in the course, enroll in simple 14 steps.


South Africa is one of the world’s biggest economies, focusing on reducing carbon emissions. Although the country has very low carbon emissions, it is still finding ways to get more and more cleaner energy. If you have done this course, then you can become part of the team that is working on clean energy or become a forestry specialist, climate change policy analyst, agriculture economist, or climate change research scientist.

Can I get a job with a short course certificate in South Africa?

Short courses are based on the fundamentals of a field; for example, if you joined a short course, “What is mind”, you must have a previous psychology, neuroscience, or philosophy degree because the course is related to these three major fields. In short, the courses are good for increasing understanding and knowledge plus help find a job, but they are not meant to get a job.

Which university offers free short courses in South Africa?

University of Cape Town, Athlete 365, and the University of Witwatersrand offer free short courses.

Are free online courses Recognised in South Africa?

Yes, the free online courses are recognized in South Africa, but if you get a certificate from a recognized institute. For instance, if you study in an institute that the education department does not recognize, the course value is nothing.

Education can convert a layman into a leader, a herd of people into a nation, and a country into a superpower. “Education is the key to success” is not just a quotation; there is a complete background observational study by the experts that those who get an education never fail because either they learn or they win.

For this, I have mentioned the seven online short courses in South Africa for students who want to pursue study but are unable to perform this task because of their busy routine, so pick a course that fascinates you and get a certificate.

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