How to Calculate APS Score at UNISA? Calculator & Example

Every student dreams to get admission at the University of South Africa after intermediate but to secure admission one needs to get a suitable APS score. The major tragedy in the lives of students is the low APS score but the good news is that you can secure a seat in the University of South Africa with low APS grades.

how to calculate aps score at unisa

Well, calculating APS is a pretty challenging task because of mathematical complexities. In my opinion, one should calculate his APS score before he applies to UNISA.

The average score of the students is 25 points but above 30 points, students can get admission in all kinds of courses and programmes.

How To Calculate APS Score At UNISA?

To calculate the APS score, you should know how the National Senior Certificate works. Actually, it is a qualification certificate given by the government of South Africa which certifies that you have completed the final years of high school.

In more simple words, it indicates that you have basic education and now you can proceed further in your educational career.

Moving ahead, the APS scores reflect your performance in the National Senior Certificate subjects. These scores are used by educational institutes such as universities or other departments for example job sectors.

Here comes the main point that the scores are a bit tricky to count, if you are applying for UNISA then you need to calculate the percentage of your scores.

APS Score Calculator for UNISA

APS Score Calculation with Example

You can calculate the APS score at home with the help of the UNISA APS Score list. UNISA provides you with a perfect body of the scores in which you have to match and count points.

First, you have to choose the 6 best subjects at high school and calculate their percentage. Let’s say you scored 79 out of 150 in physics which is 52.4 percent and then see the APS list below, you have 4 points.

  • 80% – 100% = 7 points
  • 70% – 79% = 6 points
  • 60% – 69% = 5 points
  • 50% – 59% = 4 points
  • 40% – 49% = 3 points
  • 30% – 39% = 2 points
  • 0% – 29% = 1 point

As you can see that 52.4 falls in the category of 50% to 59%, therefore, you have 4 points in physics. Now we are taking pseudo scores to count the APS final scoring so you can understand effortlessly. Here is a list of all the pseudo scores, look carefully!

  1. Physics 79 out of 150
  2. English language 68 out of 150
  3. Afrikaans language 114 out of 150
  4. Maths 145 out of 150
  5. Geography 126 out of 150
  6. Economics 131 out of 150

Now we are going to calculate the percentage of all these marks and from the beginning, we have 52.4%, 45.4%, 76%, 96.7%, 84%, and 87.4% respectively.

If we see the standard APS scores list, 52.4% fall in the category of 50% to 59% means 4 points in physics. As we continue matching, English language 3 points, Afrikaans language 6 points, Maths 7 points, Geography 7 points, and Economics 7 points.

We successfully calculated the percentage, then matched it with APS standard scoring and now we have points. If you calculate all these points, you will have your APS score for UNISA. Let’s calculate, 4+3+6+7+7+7 = 34. The last value after adding all the points is your final APS score.

The APS score calculation is a bit tricky but once you have expertise in the procedure, you can calculate all kinds of APS scoring. With the help of this method, one calculates his APS score, and let’s say he has 34 scores in the final APS calculation then he should visit the official website of UNISA to see in which course he can enrol with 34 scores.

How Much Should My APS Be?

As I have mentioned before, the more high APS scores you have the more courses you can enroll for and join programmes.

UNISA has made a category for those who want to study for a bachelor’s degree should have APS 23, for a Diploma pass you need a minimum of APS 19, a Higher Certificate pass minimum of APS 15, and an NSC pass required a minimum of APS 14.

Similarly, for teaching courses at UNISA, you need a minimum of APS 15.

How Many Points Needed for Teaching at UNISA?

If you want to start teaching at the University of South Africa, you need to score admission points of at least 15 or more. To earn a higher certificate at Unisa, the APS score required is above 15, but there is more information on how many points are needed for teaching at Unisa.

What Are The Requirements To Study Teaching At UNISA?

how many points needed for teaching at unisa

If you want to study teaching at Unisa, you should hold an NSC (National Senior Certificate) with a minimum 40% score in teaching language, a SC (Senior Certificate) with a minimum E-symbol and D-symbol on HG and SG, respectively, in teaching and learning language, and a National Certification of Level 04 with minimum 40% in teaching and learning language.

Please note that a higher certificate by UNISA in Education solely is not a professional teaching qualification.


What is the lowest APS score?

The lowest APS score is 19.

What is the minimum APS score for Wits?

An APS score of 42 or higher is required for Wits.


Higher numbers in the APS scoring indicate that you can get admission to UNISA effortlessly. University scoring system has a proper mechanism and one cannot pick a course without mentioning his APS scoring. Therefore, you should calculate your score with the help of my guide and then apply for the new programme.

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