Does UIF Money Expire if not Claimed? & Claim Durations

Does UIF money expire if not claimed? Well, the short answer to this question is that it does not expire if you do not claim it. However, there are still much more details to be kept in mind. If you do not claim UIF within a given period, you might not be eligible for it for some time.

does uif money expire if not claimed

There is a certain time limitation, after which you must apply for the UIF after unemployment.

So, if you have lost your job and are currently unemployed, do not waste a second in claiming for UIF. Because you will become invalid if you do not claim it on time.

Moreover, in this blog, I will explain everything you need to know about what happens to UIF if not claimed.

You Have 6 Months to Claim UIF

I recommend claiming your UIF as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary hassle. Moreover, there is a specific period within which beneficiaries claim the UIF money. Once your unemployment begins, you will have six months to claim UIF.

Ideally, it is best to claim the money within the given time. However, you will not be able to receive it if you do not claim it on time. You can still claim the money later when you become eligible again. Your UIF contributions will still be credited to your account even if you do not claim it.

Can I Claim UIF after the Deadline?

You can claim your UIF money even if you have not claimed it during the six-month deadline, and now it is way past the given time. However, you can do it only if you have a genuine reason for missing the deadline.

For instance, if you have any physical or mental incapacity that became a hindrance in claiming for UIF on time. You must provide proof to the UIF officers.

Late Application Submission

If you have missed the deadline for claiming your UIF, you can submit a late application. Moreover, you will have to provide proof of your reason for not claiming on time. Furthermore, you must submit a written explanation stating all of the reasons why you did not claim on time.

Additionally, there are a few points to remember while submitting a late application. Generally, there is a low chance of late application approval. Only a serious and genuine reason can help you approve your late application.

Moreover, these circumstances include serious mental or physical illness, hospitalization, or death of the nearest one.

You must submit the legal documentation of these circumstances to support your claim. Moreover, you will face penalties or delays even if your application is approved.

1. Seek Legal Advice

There is another option available which is seeking legal advice. If you have not claimed your UIF on time and want to claim it, you must consult a lawyer with a specialization in labor law. They will help you in different ways; you can learn about your rights and the legal action to take to claim them.

2. Contact the Department of Employment and Labor

The safest option is to contact the Department of Employment and Labor, which can give you all the information you need to claim your UIF. Moreover, they can guide you on the next step that you can take. It is very easy to contact them; go to their official website and find out their number or email and contact them.

You can also visit the Department of Employment and Labor near you. Furthermore, it is better to physically visit them so that they can give you detailed advice on how to claim your UIF after missing the deadline.

Can I Claim UIF After 3 or 5 Years?

Yes, you can claim UIF after three or five years. Typically, the given duration to claim UIF is six-month after unemployment. Nonetheless, you can still claim it after 3-5 years if you are eligible and have a solid reason for not claiming on time.

You can also gather all of your necessary documents and contact the Department of Employment and Labor. They will tell you about what should be your next step.

Furthermore, it is always better to seek legal advice because a professional in the field can give guidance, tips, and the otherwise hidden loopholes in the system, which can give you a chance still to claim your funds after three or more years.


In summary, the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) does not expire if you do not claim it on time. However, it can result in unnecessary nuisance. Therefore, it is always better to claim it within six months after your unemployment begins.

You can lose your eligibility or become invalid by the UIF if you keep delaying it. However, you can contact the Department of Employment and Labor and seek legal advice if you want to claim your UIF after a long period of not claiming it.


  1. I want to claim for my uif money but I’m struggling cause the labor officials are telling me my name doesn’t appear on the systems and I have shown them all the documents including the contributions salary schedule, still I’m not winning they are telling me the same thing.

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