Can you Claim UIF if you were Dismissed for Theft?

UIF is one of the most prominent funding programs in South Africa and helps unemployed individuals and those who are on maternity, parental, or sick leave.

can you claim uif if you were dismissed for theft

Now the question is, can one claim this fund if they were dismissed from their job for theft? Well, the answer is yes.

Read the following article to explore the details of UIF and find out who can claim this fund.

I claimed this fund when I was retrenched because of the economic difficulty in my company.

In short, it is one of the best funding programs for unemployed citizens and those on maternity or parental leave. If you cannot work, claim this fund to fulfil your basic life needs.

Claiming UIF If You Were Dismissed

  • As I mentioned, you can claim UIF if you were dismissed from your previous job for any reason.
  • Moreover, you can receive this fund if your contract in your previous job has expired.
  • One can receive the UIF for a maximum of 12 months and more than that.
  • If you are on leave, UIF stops your payment after your leave ends.

One of the many factors you should be mindful of when claiming UIF is that though you can claim funds if you are dismissed or retrenched, you are ineligible for this fund if you have resigned from your job.

Furthermore, UIF benefits those individuals who contribute to it when employed.

How to Claim it if you were dismissed for Theft?

The first thing to claim this fund is to register as a work seeker, which means you are looking for a job. Moreover, you can apply for UIF if you recently lost your job or have been unemployed in the past six months.

Remember, UIF pays you money according to your previous earnings. The maximum UIF payment percentage is 38% of the individual’s previous earnings. You can calculate UIF here.

The above article has details regarding the UIF program. The South African government manages the funding program to facilitate the country’s unemployed citizens. You can claim this fund if you were dismissed or retrenched from your previous job. If you resign from your job, you are ineligible for this funding program.

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