UIF on Retrenchment Package (How to Claim)

UIF fund is for individuals who become unemployed because of their maternity leave, parental leave, or illness. If an individual cannot work for a genuine reason, they can claim this fund.

uif on retrenchment package

Now the question arises, how can one claim this fund in case of retrenchment? The following article answers your question regarding this insurance fund and UIF on the retrenchment package.

What Is Retrenchment?

Before digging into the details of UIF on the retrenchment package, you must be familiar with the meaning of retrenchment. The literal meaning of decrease is the reduction in the quantity of anything. In other words, retrenchment is the reduction of costs because of economic difficulty.

I was unaware of this term until I was retrenched because of the economic difficulty of the company I was working in. Retrenchment occurs when a company reviews its business to increase the profit and minimize loss percentage.

In such cases, the company retrenches its cost and spending by reducing its employees.

How To Claim UIF During Retrenchment?

Claiming UIF during the retrenchment period is extremely easy. You can use any of the following three ways to claim this fund as a citizen of South Africa.


If you don’t want to visit the UIF office to claim the fund physically, the easiest way is to claim it online. All you need to do is use the UIF official online guide, follow the instructions, and claim the fund.

The U-filling system is available online, and you must read the instructions and eligibility criteria to claim the fund.


When I applied to claim the UIF during my retrenchment period, I visited the UIF office to avoid any inconvenience. According to my experience, the best way to claim a UIF is to visit its office. Moreover, you must have all the essential documents required for the UIF claim.

As a citizen of South Africa, ensure you have your original identity card or passport and the required UI2.1, UI8, and UI19 forms. Make sure to complete and sign these forms correctly to avoid inconvenience in the further procedure.

Through A UIF Specialist

If you need to learn about the details of calming the UIF, the best way is to take help from a UIF specialist. The representative from the funding system guides you regarding all the procedures and documents required to claim the fund during retrenchment.

Check our review on UIF Simplicity & UIF Connect, these two provide UIF filing services.

UIF Retrenchment Package

Once you receive the claim from the office, you must submit the required documents to the Department Of Labour every month to continue your fund till you are unemployed.

The above guide explains the details regarding the UIF, its take on the retrenchment package, and how one can claim this fund during their retrenchment period.

UIF is one of the most popular funds in South Africa provided to unemployed citizens to help them fulfill their necessities. If you are retrenched, claim this fund to take financial assistance from the governmental department of South Africa.

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