How to Apply for Food Parcels Online by SASSA?

The availability of food is a fundamental right of every human being. There is nothing more threatening than poverty and hunger; therefore, to combat poverty, SASSA offers free food parcels to poor people affected by natural disasters. Moreover, this initiative has become a lifeline for countless South Africans who would otherwise sleep on an empty stomach.

People do not have much information on how to access these food vouchers and the eligibility criteria to avail this offer. Therefore, in this blog, I will explain it in detail so that everyone is aware of the free food scheme and benefits from it.

Apply for Food Parcels

To eradicate hunger and prevent people from malnutrition, the South African Social Agency (SASSA) has taken a big step by introducing the SASSA food parcels. Furthermore, their main goal is to improve the country’s financial well-being by eliminating poverty and hunger. For this purpose, they offer many grants and food vouchers.

These food parcels are now called food coupons, and you can avail it at the allotted stalls and shops to get free food. Moreover, SASSA provides these parcels to certain shops, and then you visit these shops to get the food.

You must visit the SASSA office near you to apply for food vouchers. You cannot apply for it through a mobile phone or online. Furthermore, the process is not difficult; you can easily do it yourself, and the SASSA officials will also help you during the application process.

  • First, take the SASSA food voucher form from their office.
  • Next, you must submit all the required documents with the application form. Please note that you must provide complete and correct documents because incorrect or false documents will result in your application rejection.
  • Lastly, enter your 13-digit ID number, and if you are applying for children, then submit birth certificates.

Required Documents for SASSA Food Parcels

You will need to submit some documents during the application process. Therefore, bring the following documents with you when visiting the SASSA office.

  • Your identity document (ID).
  • Your children’s birth certificates (if applicable).
  • In case your identity document and birth certificate are missing, you must submit a report from your local police station, counselor, or religious leader.
  • If your family has been in an emergency like housebreaking due to natural disasters, you must submit a police report.
  • A proof showing you have signed up for the SRD grant.
  • Proof showing you have tried to get maintenance after the emergency.
  • Evidence showing you do not receive any other help.
  • Evidence proofing if you are married, single, divorced, or a widow.
  • Monthly income proof.
  • A report as evidence showing temporary medical disability due to the emergency (if applicable).

Eligibility Criteria for SASSA Food Parcels

There are no specific eligibility criteria; however, your case will be judged on how much you need these food parcels. Therefore, anyone affected by natural disasters like floods, landslides, etc, can apply for this service. Additionally, if you are poor and do not have enough income to provide food for your family and yourself, you are a South African citizen with an ID card and need a food source in this time of emergency; apply for the food parcels now.

How Long Does it Take for SASSA to Approve Food Parcel Application?

There is no estimated time given by SASSA officially; however, the food parcels or coupon applications are processed very quickly. Since it is a state of emergency and people cannot remain without food for too long. Therefore, the applications are processed quickly, and shortly after the application approval, you will get the food coupon.

Additionally, the coupons last only one month because SASSA believes it is enough time to cope with a disaster and find yourself a stable source of income and food. Therefore, you will only receive free food for one month; till then, you should be able to do something to change your current state.

How Much Assistance Do SASSA Food Vouchers Provide?

SASSA will pay you for the food or give you your parcels. The food vouchers given to a family are worth R1200; however, those who lost a family member during the natural disaster will get R3960 as food parcels or payment. Likewise, children who lost their uniforms in the emergency will receive uniforms or payments of R2700 for a girl and R2500 for a boy.

How will I know if my SASSA food parcel application has been submitted?

After your application is processed and approved, you will receive a notification through SMS on your mobile phone telling you to collect your food coupons or parcels.

To conclude, SASSA is one of the Agencies working continuously towards the economic well-being of the citizens and the country. Therefore, it introduced food parcels to help the disaster-stricken poor South Africans who could not feed themselves.


  1. Hello Miss/Mr who can read this I am not working I work in CPF. My family no one is working. I need something to eat for free. 5 old and 2 children in household

  2. We kindly need food parcels for our organisation that distribute foot parcels for the needy every month. Our organisation is Love and Grace Family Church in Mpumalanga , Siyabuswa next to Mpumalanga University. May you please kindly attend to our request.
    kindly please fund us, we need your funding.

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