What does Referred Mean on SASSA Status? & its Solution

SASSA is one of those social welfare programs that is of great importance for South African citizens as it allows them to fulfill their basic needs in life. However, SASSA receives a huge number of applications for each grant every year and not all applications get successfully approved. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the application status meanings.

If you are here, you must be an applicant for an SASSA grant with referred status on your application. If you are worried about it and want to know what referred mean on SASSA status then keep on reading this article. In this quick guide, we will explain this particular status that appears on SASSA applications quite often.

Meaning of Referred Status on SASSA Application

SASSA application statuses are more than just approved and rejected. So if your SASSA application is showing ‘referred as status’ then here’s its hidden meaning. Referred status on the SASSA application means that the application is sent for further investigation to clear any doubts that authorities have about the applicant.

Many times SASSA does not reject the application right away instead they carry out further investigation and quality assurance so that all deserving applicants get relief financially through the SASSA grant. A SASSA officer evaluates the application in detail and checks whether the applicant is eligible for the grant and has provided all the required documents to support his/her application. After careful analysis, the officer makes a final decision on the application.

Reasons for Referral

SASSA tries to provide financial relief to all the vulnerable individuals of the country but also never compromises on fraud. So any applicant who they are suspected to be involved in fraudulent activities or has discrepancies in the application usually encounter this status on their SASSA applications. So here are a few reasons why your SASSA application has this status.

  • This status is not always because of fraud. I have been in a similar situation and that happened because I failed to submit all the necessary documents. They contacted me and asked me to submit the missing documents. So if any of you get a call from SASSA make sure you cooperate with them.
  • Referred status also indicates the suspicious application is under investigation to verify all the provided information is correct.
  • Applicants should never submit more than one application for the SASSA grant because duplicate applications for the same grant are also labeled as referred and are likely to be rejected to ensure fairness.

What to Do If Your Application is Referred?

All those who were relying on SASSA for financial relief must be worried after checking their application status. So instead of panicking, stay calm and contact SASSA for guidance. Also if SASSA contacts you you must respond to them and clear their doubts by providing them with evidence.

The Bottom Line

The referred status in the SASSA application is no less than a red alert but patience is the key. Applicants must wait patiently till the investigation completes and respond to SASSA promptly to provide them with the requested information accurately. This way you will pass this hard phase of application verification smoothly and will be able to receive grants in time.

I hope our guide has made the referred status on the SASSA application clear to you. I am positive you will find it helpful. Thank you.


  1. My R350 is been referred since March 2023 how long should I wait to be fixed I really need that money it’s been six months now

  2. My R350 is been referred since March 2023 how long should I wait to be fixed l really need that money it’s been 7 months now please help me

  3. My 350 grand is been referred since may 2023 how long should I wait to be fixed lm really worried about. It’s been 4 months. Please help me

  4. My R350 grant is been referred since 2021 I tried so many times to find help can you please help me I’m so worried . Help please

  5. My status says referred since April this year so can anyone send me the link u need to proof that it’s u ND not any body else

  6. Why was my December are approved, and now today when I check my status it showed Referred. What is the problem? Because I don’t have any other income and I rely on that R350 for my children. Please can someone tell me what is going on

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