SASSA Child Grant not Paid Quick Solution & Reason

SASSA grants are making the lives of vulnerable citizens better by supporting them financially. However, SASSA also suspends the grant of a few individuals for various reasons. If you are here you must be wanting to know why your SASSA Child Grant is not paid and its possible solution, right?

But don’t worry we will guide you about unpaid SASSA Child Grants including the reasons and its solution. So if you are in a situation where you are not receiving your child’s grant then keep on reading this article.

Why Is SASSA Child Grant Not Paid Yet?

All the primary caregivers who haven’t received SASSA Child Grant (SCG) and are worried about it should read the following points. One of my friends used to receive SASSA Child Grant on time but was wondering why he was not receiving any SASSA Child Grant so we did some research and asked the concerned department.

So the reason behind the non-payment of the SASSA Child Grant is that the SASSA has not issued the funds yet and the grant will be transferred as soon as the SASSA grant account is credited. Moreover, if the delay is not on the SASSA end then you should confirm from your bank if they are holding pays or experiencing any delay these days. Plus, another reason for this could be the suspension of your SASSA Child Grant.

When and Why SASSA Child Grant Gets Suspended?

  • The government will stop sending SASSA Child Grants to the caregivers as soon as the child turns 18.
  • If the child dies all the future SASSA child grants in his name will be suspended.
  • Moreover, if the primary caregiver has not collected the grant for more than 3 months in a row then the SASSA will suspend their application and will not send SCG in the future.
  • If the child moves out of South Africa or is not living with the primary caregiver that too leads to nonpayment of the SASSA Child Grant.
  • Change in financial circumstance that makes you ineligible for the SCG.
  • Furthermore, incorporation of a primary caregiver, when a child’s SASSA Child Grant is under investigation, will only cause you a disadvantage as you won’t receive any grant.

Also, SASSA rejects the applications and won’t pay SASSA Child Grant as soon as they find out any incorrect and misleading information in your application. Even if you were getting this grant before SASSA Child Grant won’t be received after the department finds out about your fraud.

What’s the Solution?

Surely, SASSA Child Grant takes off a great burden from the caregiver’s shoulders who hardly makes the ends meet. In such a situation, suspension of SCG is no less than a shock. However, you can submit an appeal to SASSA and ask them to review your application again.

This is the simplest solution when SASSA Child Grant is not received. So here’s what you must do when SASSA Child Grant is unpaid.

  • First, you will have to submit an appeal to the department and await their response. They will inform you 3 months before the application review process begins officially.
  • SASSA will fill out a SASSA Child Grant Under Investigation form to proceed further and verify the information you have provided in the application. Make sure you cooperate with the department while your application is under review. You may need to prove the child’s identity if they are attending any school, and your relationship with the child as only primary caregivers can receive this grant for the child.
  • If you successfully clear all the doubts of SASSA and pass the review test by providing them all the necessary documents then SASSA will reinitiate the grant. However, if you fail to do so SASSA will put you under investigation and also suspend or completely decline your grant application.

In Conclusion

Undoubtedly, the SASSA Child Grant is providing financial relief to the child as well as his/her primary caregivers. However, delay in grant payment or non-payment of grant causes significant challenges to the beneficiaries. Anyone whose SASSA Child Grant is not paid can take help from our article to know the reasons and solutions to this issue.

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