SASSA Disability Grant Online Application Process

The government of South Africa has decided to help not only the needy, jobless, retired, old, or kids but also disabled people. SASSA has special concerns for disabled people who cannot work nor they can make their bread and butter. Therefore, SASSA provides grants to those people with disabilities and allows them to function in society.

The purpose of SASSA is to focus on the well-being of all the residents of the Republic that’s why it has recently changed the policy on disabled people and increased its funding quota for them. In order to provide them with a basic income, SASSA investigates the current condition and severity of the disability of the applicant. The application procedure is a bit challenging but if you have proper information, you can complete this task within minutes.

SASSA Disability Grant Online Application

As I have mentioned before, SASSA has recently changed its policies for disabled people. For example, in the past, you could file an application via the online method but according to the new policies, the applicant must visit the office in person to submit a grant application. In case, you are severely sick or cannot visit the office because of disability, you can send your friend or family member.

The first thing you should understand before visiting the office is the qualification and requirement criteria of the SASSA for disability grants. Because of enhancing transparency, SASSA has proper criteria in which one has to fall into the category or be eligible to get funding. The SASSA disability requirements and qualification is mentioned below.

Qualifications & Requirements

  1. The applicant must be a citizen of South Africa or a permanent refugee.
  2. The applicant must live in South Africa.
  3. The age of the applicant is between 18 to 59 years old.
  4. The applicant must submit a report of the medical disability assessment to the SASSA relevant department.
  5. The assessment report must not be older than the last three months.
  6. The applicant must not receive any other grant from various funding systems.
  7. The applicant and his family should meet the requirements of the means test.

What Does the Test Mean?

In South Africa, the means test is for estimating the assets and income of the applicant who wants benefits from government institutions. There are different major factors involved in the means test such as income employment, pensions, assets such as property and dependents. If your income crosses the limits, you will not be able to get the grant.

How To Apply For SASSA Disability Grant?

There are some prerequisites that need to be complete before visiting the SASSA office in which the major one is the medical assessment. The applicant should have a medical assessment report along with him when he goes to the office. Anyhow, the medical experts examine your disability conditions to understand the severity.

Basically, the purpose of examining the condition is to clarify whether you can go to work or not. In case the experts decide that your condition qualifies you for the grant, the applicant can receive it, otherwise, you can apply for other grants. It will also assess whether the applicant should have future reviews on the disability or not.

Step 1

To apply for the SASSA disability grant, you should visit the office with the assessment report. There is no need to meet with higher authorities, you can go to the nearest branch of the SASSA and file an application. In case there is no branch in your area, visit the district branch.

Step 2

Visit the application desk and ask the officer to fill out your SASSA disability form. Provide all the relevant information such as your name, the income source, and why you are disabled. Once the applicant has completed, the officer will be given a receipt. Keep this slip safe because it is the only evidence that you are a SASSA applicant.

How Do I Know If My Application Has Been Approved?

There are different ways SASSA can inform its applicants as when you apply for the old age grants or for the children grants, it notifies you via SMS, email, and postal notification. But when you apply for the disability grant, the applicant receives a letter at home in which the department verifies that your application has been approved.

What If My Application Has Been Rejected?

In case your application has been rejected you can avail another chance to apply for the disability funds. Basically, SASSA rejects the application because of multiple factors, in case you are ineligible for the funds your application will be rejected. On the other hand, SASSA may reject your plea because of unlimited applications or a shortage of funds.

Anyhow, the department allows you to apply another time. The reason for rejection will be mentioned in the letter you will receive, therefore if you think that you are eligible for the funding but because of some mistake SASSA has rejected your application then you should reconsider reapplication.

Let’s say you need funding but SASSA has rejected your application for the second time. Here you can appeal to the Minister of Social Development to provide you with SASSA funds because you are eligible for the grant but the request has been rejected. You will receive the response or grant within 90 days of your application.

What Are The Dates Of The SASSA Disability Grant?

Usually, the SASSA grants arrive in the applicant’s bank accounts within the early 10 days of every month. There are two chances; first, you will receive the grant every 4th of the month. Another chance is that the grant is provided on the date when you applied for it such as if you applied on 12th of the July, you will receive it on 12th of the August.

Method Of Payment

SASSA can acquire different approaches to provide you the payment such as bank accounts or the ATMs. You can use your SASSA card to receive money at an ATM, or you can visit the bank branch to withdraw money. There are also special centers of the SASSA in each town to provide grants, you can visit there or you can go to the SASSA office to receive your grant.

In case you cannot visit the office or bank to collect the payment in person, you can nominate a procurator who can collect the grant on your behalf. You should add this condition while filling out the forms for the application. Anyhow, you cannot choose a procurator other than your family member or friend.

Why Has My Disability Grant Been Suspended?

It is possible that your SASSA grant will be suspended if you violate the department’s policies. But there are also other chances such as if your financial conditions have changed and you are earning more than before then your SASSA disability grant may be suspended. In case your disability problems are resolved and you can work, the SASSA will suspend your grant.

Moving on further, the SASSA can suspend your grant in case you do not cooperate with the department or do not appear when it requests you to visit the office. Those who have provided the wrong information or their application has been approved mistakenly, their grants can be suspended.

How Much Is He Disability Grant For 2023 South Africa?

The amount depends on the monthly government funding but SASSA prepares a schedule for every year. The applicants who are enrolling for the SASSA Disability Grant 2023, will receive R2080 per person. However, the payment will be increased in the month of October by R10 and the total amount will be R2090.

How long does it take to get a disability grant in South Africa?

The duration may vary according to the conditions of the applicant but it takes 3 months to get the disability grant in South Africa.

How are SASSA grants paid?

The applicant can receive a grant at the ATM, or visit the bank branch. One can also get the payment from designated pay points.

What to do when the SASSA grant is approved?

If your application has been approved and you have a confirmation SMS, you can get the payment from the bank or the SASSA area department.

SASSA has launched a list of funding programmes for the old, orphans, retired, jobless, needy, and disabled people. It has a systematic procedure for approving the grants of the applicants such as eligibility criteria, qualifications, and the means test. If you are a SASSA disability applicant, you should ensure that all the details you are providing to the department are accurate.

In case you mislead the departure, it can take legal actions against you such as you can face charges or jail. Anyhow, I have explained the application procedure in simple steps and mentioned different payment methods.

I explained all the reasons why your SASSA was suspended and how much the applicant received. I hope this information will help you in the future, thank you!

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