SASSA R350 Grant Extension

Are you a SASSA SRD R350 grant holder and do not want to lose this source of money? I have great news for you because SASSA announced that they will be extending the R350 grant. Moreover, the poor and working-class South African citizens will continue getting this grant for another two years.

The SASSA grant was introduced to help people during the Covid-19 pandemic temporarily. However, post-pandemic people are still affected financially, so the grant will continue to help them until SASSA feels the need to discontinue it. So, allow me to explain the SASSA SRD grant extension in detail.

SASSA R350 Grant Extension

The South African Social Security Agency launched a grant called SRD R350 during the pandemic. The aim of this grant was to eradicate poverty by helping those South African citizens who were living below the poverty line. Therefore, this aid proved to be very helpful to those who lost their jobs and source of income.

Reasons for SASSA R350 Grant Extension

During the pandemic, the SASSA R350 grant was introduced for poor South African citizens, refugees, and asylum seekers. Even though COVID-19 is nearly finished, these people can still not feed their families. Therefore, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that it would be extended from April 2022 to March 2023.

The Department of social development called for another two years extension; as Sibeko said, “We think it should be extended because we think the reasons for the grant have not changed. There is still poverty, there is still hunger, and there is still unemployment in the country”.

Additionally, another reason that the Department presented was; people still do not have enough money in their accounts to help them survive this poverty. They said, “The people who are accessing the grant are showing us every month when we look at their bank accounts that they have less than R624 in their accounts. So, we think it is very important for us to ensure they have enough money to buy food; until that happens, we have to continue with the grant.”

SASSA R350 Grant Extension till March 2024

Keeping the financial status of the citizens in mind, Enoch Godongwana, finance minister, announced the extension of the SASSA R350 grant till 31 March 2024. So, people will keep getting the fund for another two years.

Furthermore, he said in his 2022 medium-term budget policy, “Honorable members, our budget over the next three years is focused on restoring service delivery and laying the foundation for higher growth. Medium-term changes to spending plans are driven mainly by the government’s decision to extend the special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant by one year until 31 March 2024.

The Future of SASSA R350 Grant

People expect the SASSA R350 grant to become permanent and keep helping people permanently. However, its impact on the government reserves should be considered before making such a demand, as it is a huge burden on the national treasure. Moreover, it is expected to reach R64.9 billion in 2023 as it grows by at least 8.8% every year, and people demand an increase in the monthly grant amount.

Considering the current inflation, this is a huge amount; it will greatly affect the national reserves. Therefore, it will not increase or become permanent as most people’s grant status is already pending due to low funds.

Reapplication is not Required.

People are confused about reapplying for the grant as it got renewed. However, it is not required, as SASSA tweeted from their official account on April 21, 2023, saying the grant will continue as normal, so there’s no need to apply again.

Additionally, SASSA said in the tweet, “Beneficiaries of the COVID-19 SRD need not worry about reapplying for the grant in April 2023. The grant will continue as normal; those who previously applied for the grant do not need to reapply.”

Additionally, they also warned about your eligibility and that it will be checked regularly to ensure that you are still eligible for the grant. So, if you have not applied before, you can apply; however, if you receive the grant, there is no need to apply again.

Is the SASSA R350 grant increased to R624?

No, SASSA R350 Grant is not increased to R624; it is only a rumor. However, the grant is extended for another two years and will continue helping people till 31 March 2024.

In short, yes, the SASSA R350 Grant was extended for two years because people are still affected by the pandemic, and poverty has not been eradicated yet. Therefore, SASSA continued the SRD R350 grant to help poor South African citizens, refugees, and asylum seekers until March 2024. Moreover, the grant amount is not increased and is not a permanent aid.

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