How to Collect the R350 Grant at an ATM?

The government of South Africa has been trying to overcome the financial hardships of its citizens and alleviate poverty by providing an R350 grant. Traditionally, this grant was provided to all the beneficiaries through post offices, pick-n-pay, etc. However, with technological advancement, SASSA has also updated its payment methods.

So, for all the beneficiaries of this grant, I have good news for you all: now you can collect the SASSA R350 grant through any ATM. However, not everyone is aware of this convenient method. But no worries, we are here to help you out.

Collect R350 Grant at ATM

Say goodbye to all the traditional methods of collecting the SASSA R350 grant, make your life easy, and learn how you can collect the R350 grant at an ATM. Now, there is no need to stand in long queues and wait for your turn to collect the grant. Read ahead to know what you need to do to collect the R350 grant at the ATM.

How to Send Banking Details to SASSA?

The registration method did not take long; I was done in just a few minutes. To collect a R350 grant at an ATM, you will need to send your banking details to SASSA. Follow the steps mentioned below and start collecting your SASSA grant at the ATM.

  • If you are a registered beneficiary of the R350 grant, visit the official website of SASSA SRD and go to the bank details section.
  • Enter your ID and hit the submit button. You will receive a confirmation message with a link.
  • Enter your bank details on this link to utilize the ATM facility for the R350 grant. Ensure you fill in all the fields accurately, like account number, branch name, account type, etc.
  • Check the “Terms and Conditions” block and press the submit button to send your details to SASSA.

How to Collect an R350 Grant at an ATM?

Once your banking details are on the SRD system, the SASSA will verify your banking account details. After the verification process is completed, you will receive R350 directly in your bank account. Moreover, you can collect SASSA SRD R345 from an ATM anytime you want.

Important Tip

Although you can use any bank’s ATM facility to withdraw your SRD R350 grant, I would suggest you always go to an ATM of your bank account to avoid unnecessary charges that are applied for using any other bank’s ATM.

Can I withdraw SASSA money at any ATM?

Yes, you can withdraw SASSA money at an ATM with the SASSA payment cards.

Where can I withdraw my SRD money?

There are multiple options available to withdraw SRD grants like Pick n Pay, Shoprite, USave Stores, etc.

How do I withdraw money from the SASSA cardless R350?

SASSA R350 grant beneficiaries can receive this grant even without their SASSA gold card through authentic retailers. These include Shoprite, Checkers, OK stores, Pick n Pay, etc.

Introducing the advanced method of SRD R350 grant collection at ATM is a great initiative and makes the grant-receiving process convenient for the beneficiaries. We have explained the steps that everyone should know to collect the R350 grant at the ATM. I hope you find the information in this guide helpful.

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