Grant-in-Aid Application Guidelines & Process

Sassa has introduced multiple grants for the citizens of South Africa. One such amazing part of this initiative is the grant in aid. This involves monetary help to those who are unable to take care of themselves.

However, as the application process for the rest of the grants goes, grant in aid also comes with its own requirements. Instead of submitting an application full of errors and risking it getting rejected, take a few minutes to read the article below. It contains all the necessary information that will help you apply for the grant and increase the chances of your application getting approved.

What Does It Offer?

Grant in aid offers monetary aid in the form of R500 to those applicants who are the recipients of other grants from Sassa. This allows the individuals who cannot take care of themselves, such as the elderly or disabled, to pay someone for 24/7 caretaking.

What Are The Requirements For the Grant of Grant-in-Aid?

The first requirement for grant in aid is that the applicant must be a recipient of an Old Persons Grant, War Veteran’s Grant, or Disability Grant. Moreover, they must be citizens or permanent residents of South Africa. Refugees can also apply for this grant.

Another requirement is that the applicant must meet the eligibility criteria for one of the three grants mentioned above. They also need to provide medical records that prove the physical or mental disability of the applicant.

Last but not least, the applicant should not be registered in any state-funded institution. If they are receiving medical care in any state-funded institution, then they will not qualify for receiving the grant in aid.

Documents Needed for Application

The first document needed for the grant-in-aid application is the proof of identity. This can be the passport or the identity card issued by the Government of South Africa. They can not apply and qualify for the grant without proof of identity.

The second document required is medical records, rendering the person disabled. If they have a physical or mental illness that causes a need for full-time assistance, they must provide documents of that. However, the medical reports mustn’t be older than 3 months.

The applicant will also need a signed affidavit for the Sassa grant in aid along with other documents. The last requirement is regarding marital status. If the person is single, then they need to attach an affidavit stating their status.

For married couples, the spouse’s identity, along with the marriage certificate, is needed. However, in the case of a divorced or deceased spouse, the divorce papers or death certificate needs to be attached to the application.

Application Process

After all the documentation has been prepared, the applicant has the option of applying for the grant in person or online. For in-person application, they will need to visit an office of Sassa. Ask for the grant application form and then fill it out with all the personal information.

It is critical that the applicant fill out their form in the presence of a Sassa officer. The officer can also provide guidance to those who need it. Once the form has been filled out, attach all the documents with it and submit it to the officer.

They will provide you with a dated receipt with their name on it. This receipt will be proof of your application, so keep it secure.

For the online application, you will need to visit the website of Sassa. If you are a registered user, then you can click on the ‘Apply for a grant’ option and select the grant in aid from the list. However, if you are not registered, then you will need to get yourself registered first before applying.

Registration on Sassa’s website requires personal details, such as identity number, full name, ID document type, mobile number, email address, password, etc. After the registration has been confirmed through the OTP, you can apply for the grant easily.

Grant Acceptance

Once the application for a grant in aid has been submitted, the review process begins shortly after. Normally, it takes up to 30 business days for a Sassa application to be accepted. However, the duration also depends upon the complexity of the application, so it can also take up to 3 months for an application to be accepted.

Once the grant gets accepted, the applicant receives this in writing. Sassa delivers the acceptance news to them in the mail. No matter how late the application gets accepted, the applicant will start to receive their payment from the date of application.

The amount will be transferred to their bank account. They can also pick up the cash from an office of Sassa. The third choice is picking money from specific institutions.

Grant Suspension

Once a grant is accepted, there is a chance that it may get suspended. However, suspension mostly happens due to a couple of reasons. The first is that the situation of the applicant changes, and they no longer struggle financially.

The second reason is that the applicant provided false information, and the grant was approved by mistake. The third reason behind the suspension is that the applicant leaves South Africa. Moreover, not cooperating during grant review can also result in the grant in aid getting suspended.

Who qualifies for a grant in aid in South Africa?

Those who are unable to take care of themselves and need 24/7 assistance can apply and qualify for the grant. Moreover, a person who has applied for an Old Person’s grant, Disability grant, or War Veteran’s grant can qualify for a grant in aid.

What to do when the SASSA grant is approved?

When your Sassa grant is approved, you will receive the acceptance in writing from the Department. The payment begins shortly after the acceptance. Moreover, make sure to cooperate with the review team after the grant acceptance.

Sassa grants are a blessing in disguise for the citizens of South Africa. The grant in aid is a great example of that, as it allows monetary aid to those who can not care for themselves. I hope the information shared above helps you understand the procedure of this grant.

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