SASSA OTP: How to get it for Online Withdrawal?

SASSA believes in safe transactions and data privacy that’s why it updates the system from time to time and enhances security. A major way to increase security is by providing One Time Password the SASSA participant receives from the department via SMS. Without entering the accurate OTP, you cannot login to the account or check the status.

Basically, an OTP is a PIN code or password generated by the system to ensure the safety of the account. It is a way to verify whether the original creator of the account is approaching it or someone else is trying to malfunction. The SASSA portal contains all the information about the participant such as ID Number, passwords, banking details etc, so authentication is necessary for logging in.

What is SASSA OTP?

If you are applying for the SASSA grant or you want to change your banking details, an OTP is required. The 6 digits code which is randomly generated can keep your account safe and enhance security. SASSA has an organized system for the safety of its participants’ data, therefore you should be highly aware that OTP is more like a code to decode all the data.

Why OTP Is Needed?

There are several reasons why OTP is required but the major one is the security issues such as to keep SASSA grant money safe. To check the status or withdraw money, you can use the SASSA application or the official website. But when you transfer money from one account to another, the system sends a code to your contact number via SMS.

This 6 digits code is randomly generated by the system of the SASSA, as you open the link or enter the code in the empty bar, the account unlocks and you can effortlessly perform transactions. You cannot change any details or withdraw money from local stores without OTP.

How To Withdraw Online Using SASSA OTP?

If you have lost your SASSA card or ATM card, you can withdraw money with the help of OTP. Basically, when you reach your account, it sends a 6 digits PIN via sms or Whatsapp. Here you can choose the method such as email or you can get it on the contact number.

Once you produce the OTP, you should add it to your account and allow withdrawal. The receiver can visit any retail store which is associated with SASSA. Anyhow, you will receive the SASSA OTP on the number you have given in the SASSA application.

What To Do If You Aren’t Getting OTP?

There could be many reasons why you are not getting OTP such as the phone number you have provided in the application being incorrect. It is possible that the number you have provided in the application is not yet associated with your account or the SASSA SMS services are not working. Anyhow, these conditions are normal and there are different ways to tackle them

1. Using An Email Account

The first and most easy way to get the OTP is by using an email account. But in case you have not provided the email address in the SASSA application then you cannot receive an OTP. Anyhow, select the email when the system asks you to select the method. Open your Gmail account and refresh it, the OTP will appear on the top.

2. Using Whatsapp

You can also use Whatsapp to get the OTP from SASSA but first, save their contact number which is mentioned below. Now open the application and tap on the “Contacts” section then click on the three dots button on the top right side of the page. Here a drop-down list will appear as you click on it, now tap on the “Refresh” button and the contact will be visible.

Whatsapp Number: 082 046 8553

  • Type a “Hi” in the text section and send it to the contact number.
  • It will show you all the details but type “4” and send it.
  • It will show you a list of options but you have to send it with “SASSA OTP”.
  • Follow the prompts and it will send you OTP.

How does SASSA OTP work?

An OTP is randomly generated by the system to ensure the safety of privacy. The SASSA account has all the information related to the participant, if you provide the OTP to another person, he may steal the information.

What is the process of OTP verification?

If you are about to withdraw money because you have lost the SASSA card, you can use Whatsapp or check your email. Follow the prompts on Whatsapp and you will receive the OTP.

How long does an OTP take?

In case there is no network problem, the OTP will be received within seconds.

Those who are unable to withdraw money via card or have lost it can use the OTP to withdraw money. Keep in mind that the OTP is the most private password, so you should not share it with unknown people. Anyhow, I have explained why you need OTP and how to withdraw online using the OTP method.

In case you are unable to receive the OTP, you can use multiple methods such as using email and Whatsapp contact numbers. I also have provided the Whatsapp helpline above, so you can save and follow the prompts to get OTP. I hope this information will help you in the future, thank you!

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