Where to Buy UNISA Graduation Attire?

The University of South Africa is the largest higher education institute for providing distance learning, internationally accredited degrees, and the largest enrollment platform for Africans and students around the globe. Students are willing to get a degree, i.e., undergraduate program, diploma, higher certification, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree from Unisa to build their career path.

Where to Buy UNISA Graduation Attire

Not only the education, but Unisa has a system that includes specific protocols, rules and regulations, and forms that purposely maintain everything within the institute and consistently provide education and lessons on keeping honesty, integrity, and discipline.

When you get a degree from such a reputable institute, you also dream about your big day, considering that Unisa has designed a unique graduation dress for all the students who have completed their higher studies successfully at the University of South Africa. If you’re curious to know where to buy Unisa graduation attire and other details related to that, you’ve clicked on the proper link.

In this blog post, I’ll share the graduation dress and the academic dress specifications to cover the current and future students of the University of South Africa.

Where To Buy Unisa Graduation Attire?

Before I address the shops and places from where you can buy the Unisa graduation attire, I want to provide a few details on the clothing first because many of the students are interested in knowing what dress they will wear to the graduation ceremony; of course, because it is a BIG DAY! You will wear a hood, academic cap, and a gown at the graduation ceremony like in most prestigious other universities. The entire attire is black for all University of South Africa students, but what makes the colors of the ribbon hanging with the academic hat make the undergraduates, postgraduates, diploma holders, and others different.

Unisa Memorabilia And Shops

Students of Unisa are asked to buy Unisa-branded attire for their graduation ceremony. Not only that, if you’re graduating at Unisa, you will also have to buy other stuff like writing instruments, headwear, stationery, outdoor items, and other things to appear in the hall confidently. There are a few spots from where you can purchase the Unisa graduation attire; let’s discuss:

The first one is the Unisa Muckleneuk campus shop in Room B3–57 on the third floor of the Theo Van Wijk building (to contact this shop, please call +27 12 429 2737). The second shop is in the Unisa Sunnyside campus, Es’kia Mphaphlele Registration building and their contact information is as follows: +27 12 441 5429/ [email protected]. You can also buy Unisa graduation attire from the Durban Regional Hub, Room 2B–1, level–2, 230 Stalwart Simelane Street, and their contact number is +27 31 335 1733.

Unisa Graduation Day Dress Specifications

Unisa graduation attire specifications vary with the degrees; for example, if you’re a graduate, you must wear a gown of your referred degree, an academic cap, and a hood. If you have attained a bachelor, honors, or master’s degree from Unisa, you should wear a black gown and academic cap with a black tassel. In contrast, if you have completed a doctoral degree at Unisa, you should wear a red dress with open sleeves and a cap with a red tassel.

The diploma students are directed to wear academic gowns with neckbands and no academic caps. The gown of diploma students is similar to that of master students, whereas the neckband is different. The diplomats should wear neckbands while entering the hall for the graduation ceremony.

What do you wear to the Unisa bachelor of education graduation ceremony?

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree from Unisa, wear a black gown and academic cap with a black tassel. To know more about the Unisa graduation attire, swipe up and read this blog.

Do parents dress up for graduation?

Yes, the parents should wear a formal and decent dress to appear in the graduation ceremony hall. However, there is no specific attire code for the students’ parents at Unisa.

How many guests were at the Unisa graduation?

A student can come with a maximum of two guests, and this rule has been set with the thought that a candidate’s mother and father can attend the big day ceremony.

That’s all for the Unisa graduation attire! If you want to know the dress specifications and where you can buy the Unisa-branded dress, this article is meant for you because I have summed up all the needed information.

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