How many Modules does UNISA Social Work have?

How many modules does Unisa Social Work have and is it necessary to complete one in order to proceed to the next one? You are bound to be struggling with similar questions in mind however, in the following article, I will try to answer your confusion in as simple and succinct a way as possible.

How Many Modules Does UNISA Social Work Have

In fact, I shall begin by explaining why this course is gaining so much popularity all around South Africa these days. Plus, I will also go over some astonishing facts relating to this course.

So, if you are truly interested to know more about the modular system of the social work program at Unisa and other qualification requirements for it, then keep on reading. I can assure you that you will gain immense value from this quick read!

Purpose Of The Bachelor Of Social Work Program

The main purpose of the Bachelor of social work program is to equip its students with the necessary skills and knowledge of various social problems that are so common in South Africa. They are taught in detail about the various aspects and reasons behind each and every social issue and how to address each and every one of them in practical life.

The best thing about this course is that it is not merely theoretical but students are also exposed to real-life social problems and helped to sort them out by applying their own acquired knowledge and experience. Whether it is poverty, exclusion, marginalization, you name it and it is covered in their vast syllabus!

Number Of Modules In UNISA Social Work

Now, coming back to the real question that has us on tenterhooks and that is how many modules are really there in this course. So to set your mind at ease and to get you out of your misery let me tell you that there are exactly thirty-seven modules in this entire course.

These modules are distributed amongst various levels of this course structure. For instance, the first level consists of ten modules. The second level is composed of eleven modules.

The third level has around ten modules and the fourth and last one has six modules. You will have to clear all these modules in order to be able to move on to the next level and ultimately complete your degree.

Other Requirements For This Course

Apart from the fact that you will have to complete a given set of modules in order to get your hands on your degree, there are also some other qualification requirements for this degree. For instance, your second major must be either psychology or sociology and be done with at least three modules of your respective program.

In other words, you must have completed a hundred and forty credit hours of either sociology or psychology to be eligible for the social work program at Unisa. Furthermore, you must be taking that course from a recognized institute otherwise you will be deemed ineligible.

Is The Social Work Program At Unisa Worth It?

Yes, the Social Work program at Unisa is absolutely worth the praise it has been receiving recently. It is the perfect program to solve almost all the social problems in South Africa. It is not just a theoretical course but involves lengthy practical work.

You are guaranteed to gain tremendous value from this course in case you opt for it. However, be sure to check your eligibility before you opt for this course.

So, this was all from my side and I really hope that you all enjoyed reading through this article. I covered all the information that you must have in order to be mindful of what to expect when you finally apply for the bachelor of social work program at Unisa. Feel free to share it with anyone who could benefit from it.

In any case, I would like to conclude this entire discussion by summarizing what I droned on and on about in the above paragraphs. The social work at Unisa is an elaborate program that is composed of a vast syllabus ingeniously divided in a modular system, thirty-seven to be precise. Plus, it has other qualification criteria for admission as well that you should be mindful of.