What Courses Does UNISA Offer that are Available Right Now?

In this era where education plays a pivotal role for everyone, private institutes have also raised their admission and per semester fees. The major barrier a South African faces is the high amount of fees and other educational expenses. But there is good news for future leaders, engineers, and diplomats that the University of South Africa is offering more than 50 courses and its average fee is only R12500.

It is the biggest university in South Africa and has hundreds of faculty members with thousands of students. UNISA offers all types of courses from law to computer science and business or nutrition sciences. Moreover, it offers a list of short courses, workshops, and seminars for citizens and foreign students.

On Going Courses In UNISA

what courses does unisa offer

The UNISA offers a list of courses that has multiple programmes such as intermediate, graduation, or post-graduation. According to a new survey, there are 80 courses going on in UNISA in which short courses and advanced diplomas are included. See below the list of courses!

Colleges & Courses

There are 7 major colleges in UNISA such as the College of Accounting and Science or the College of Law. To understand what college means, you might have to hear about the Schools of Oxford University, for instance, the School of Psychology or the School of Behavioral Sciences.

But in UNISA we call it the Colleges, these are different domains in which each college has a list of courses.

1. College of Accounting Sciences

The first domain in the UNISA is known as the College of Accounting Sciences in which the students can join multiple courses. The major courses in the College of Accounting and Sciences are Fundamental Accounting (70866) and Study of Taxation (70971).

Course Details

Both courses have one year duration and the admission seeker must have a level 4 matriculation certificate plus a National Senior certificate. The courses begin in January and their second semester starts in July. The applicant must complete the registration process before 21st January and 15 July for the second semester.

2. College of Agriculture And Environmental Sciences

Because the country has a major agricultural sector and in future may face climate change problems, UNISA is more concerned about the agriculture and environmental sciences. UNISA is offering a major course, the Course is the Application of Climate-Smart Agriculture as a Sustainable Agricultural Practice (77098).

Course Details

The duration of the course is about six months and everyone can participate in the course who has a level 4 matriculation certificate. The registration details for the course are June/July and January/February.

There are three modules in the course; introduction to climate-smart crop production, introduction to the climate-smart livestock production system, and the use of remote sensing in climate-smart agriculture.

3. College of Economics and Management Sciences

Economics is one of the fastest-growing fields in South Africa because of the country’s futuristic organizational and industrial policies. Anyhow, the UNISA is offering 5 courses in which Ethics for Industrial and Organisational Psychology Practice (77010), and Fundamentals of Banking and Risk Management (72176) are famous ones.

But the three others Personal Financial Management (71056), Share and Forex Trading (76988), and Introduction to Supply Chain Management (77047) also have scope. However, organizational psychology and Forex trading are the future of the economics and management sciences.

Courses Details

All these courses except Introduction to Supply Chain Management have a six-month duration. The last one is divided into two parts as it has one year duration; semester one and second according to the module. The admissions available for all these courses are from May 22nd to July 14th, 2023. Fees for all these courses vary according to the nature of the programme but the average fee is R2500.

4. College of Education

College of Education offers a single major course, the Advanced Course in the Facilitation of Learning for Tutors in Higher Education (76700). There are also other short courses offered by the College of Education but these courses have one month duration.

Course Details

This course has a duration of six months and the medium is English. The applicant must have a discipline-specific qualification at NQF level 6 and has proficiency in language (English). The course has only one module and is based on a single semester.

5. College Of Human Sciences

This college is offering two major courses, Foundation Music Theory (76998) and Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (71987). There are multiple programmes and a list of workshops held in the Department of Human Sciences because in the future UNISA will enhance the number of Human Science Courses.

Courses Details

The first course Foundation Music Theory has one year duration while the language course is dependent upon six months. Applicants are required to provide an NQF level 4 certificate or equivalent experience. The application registration dates start from 22 May to 14 July 2023.

6. College Of Law

With the passage of time numbers of law admissions are going down but to revive the field and produce highly educated law experts UNISA is introducing two major courses. The first one is for those who are interested in food law and the second is for corporate governance enthusiasts. The university is offering courses in Agricultural and Food Law of South Africa (77076) and Introduction to Corporate Governance (71978).

Course Details

Both courses have the same duration of six months but require different documents such as an NQF level 4 qualification certificate for the Food Law of South Africa whereas a bachelor’s degree in LLB or BProc for Corporate Governance. But those applicants who do not have bachelor’s degrees can apply with relevant practical experience. Registration is open from 22nd May to 14th July 2023.

7. College of Science, Engineering & Technology

The last category is science and engineering plus technology in which the UNISA is providing three major courses. First, we have a course in C++ Programming (70181) then comes a course in Computer Networks (70025), and last one the Introduction to Java Programming (70602).

Courses Details

All these courses have one year duration and the requirements vary according to the courses, the C++ programming requires an NQF level 4 qualification certificate plus internet availability and pre-knowledge of computer languages. For Computer networks, an admission seeker needs a matriculation certificate and Java Programming needs a National Senior NQF level 4 certificate.

All Advance Courses By UNISA

All Advance CourseCode
Advanced Course in Good Governance in Africa77112
Advanced Course in Security Management on the African Continent within a Global Context77117
Advanced Course in Thought Leadership for Africa’s Renewal77114
Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law76228
Advanced Course in Humanitarian and Development Leadership77119
Advanced Course in Intelligence Management77115
Advanced Course in the Facilitation of Learning for Tutors76700
Advanced Course in Diplomacy Studies77116

All Advance Progammes

Name of Advance ProgammesCode
Advanced Programme in Children’s rights 7695976959
Advanced Programme in Dynamics of Peace and Conflict in Africa77118
Advanced Programme in Policy Making and Analysis for Africa’s Development77113

Do check the UNISA application fee before applying for any course in UNISA.


What qualifications do I need to study at Unisa?

The minimum qualification requirement for the UNISA is an NQF level 4 certificate. But the qualifications vary according to the courses and programmes.


Expensive education is unaffordable for the majority of the citizens but UNISA is giving them a chance to get high-quality education at low prices. You can effortlessly get admission to UNISA with a minimum qualification of NQF level 4 National senior certificate and matriculation. I hope you get admission conveniently in the desired field, thank you!