How to Deregister at UNISA Online?

Sometimes life does not go the way we presume it and sudden incidents affect our overall life. Educational career is the most affected part in all these circumstances and you often have to cancel some of your courses. Deregistration is the only way to get out of mental stress and start a new journey in life.

how to deregister at unisa

It is not important whether you withdraw from short, advanced, or long-duration course at UNISA, you can deregister any course effortlessly. After deregistering the course you can walk away from the university. The course cancellation is similar to the process of course registration but this time you will choose “Cancel Course” instead of “Add Course”.

Caution Before Proceeding

Before we dig into details I should inform you that course cancellation means you cannot pursue the particular course further. There are two types of cancellations; first short course cancellation and programme course cancellation. If you are registered for the short course or advanced course at UNISA, you can cancel the registration and walk home.

But those who are students of masters or graduate programmes can cancel courses and at the same time take another one with equivalent credit hours. In case you do not add a course and continue the semester without a compulsory course then you will study it in the later semesters. Anyhow, here is a way to deregister the course in easy steps.

Simple Steps To Deregister Course At UNISA

Step 1

No matter if you are a student of long-term programme or advanced course, the cancellation process is similar for both types of deregistrations. Anyhow, open the official website of the UNISA, the link is given below, tap on “myUnisa” in the top right, below the search bar.

Link Of Official Website:

Step 2

Here you can see the two main options “Username” and “Password”, now provide the relevant information and make sure the information is accurate then click on the “Login” button. After that, you will see a page with 2 to 3 options such as “Module 2022”, “Module 2023” and “Student Admin”. Click on the third option and it will take you to the admin page where you normally add or freeze courses.

Step 3

The page will show you all the courses you enrolled for and their modules. You can see the new announcements, the next admission dates, and so on. Go to the course section and it will show you 2 options, “Add course” and “Cancel course”, tap on the course and click on the second button. For maintaining transparency and fault-free procedures, it will ask you for the final decision.

Step 4

If you are willing to deregister the course at UNISA then tap on the “Ok” button and the course will be cancelled. You can see the application status section for confirmation or check the email inbox where you will receive the confirmation mail. Course cancellation takes 5 to 10 minutes and you can cancel the course during or at the end of the semester.

Is There Another Way To Cancel A Course?

Yes, you can visit the admin office or student service department of the university where you have to go to the section for admissions. They will give you a form or ask you to write an application for course deregistration. Fill out the form and submit it, the course cancellation does not cost any charges.

Fee Refund Issues

The majority of the students believe that they will get a refund from the university if they cancel the course but it is more a myth rather than a reality. Basically, if the university forces you to cancel the course because of full seats, lecturer unavailability or you cancel the course within 10 days of registration then it will refund your fee.

But if you are canceling a course because of some personal problems or claim a refund after the 10 days of registration then the university will not provide any kind of amount to the student. You will receive a 50% refund if you deregister within 10 days.


Can I cancel my studies at UNISA?

Yes, you can cancel the entire programme or a single course. All you need is to go to “myUnisa” and login, then go to the registration section and tap on “Cancel Module”.

Is it possible to cancel a Unisa application?

You can cancel the registration within 10 days after fee submission. In case you cancel your application, the student can ask for a full refund and UNISA pays it within 10 days.


Registration cancellation is simple and easy to understand procedure, all you need is a strong internet and you can effortlessly cancel your course. But keep in mind that once you cancel the course, you cannot enroll for it in the current semester but after the semester restarts. Plus, there are no policies for fee refunds if you cancel the course in mid of the semester.