How to Pay Application Fee at UNISA? How Much is it?

If you are taking admission to UNISA and registering for the course, the process stays incomplete until you pay the fees. Newcomers often face difficulty while submitting fees because there are 3 to 4 methods and each one varies from another. The UNISA application fee submission and banking details are available on their official website but vague information can lead you to a catastrophe.

How to Pay Application Fee at UNISA

UNISA Registration Fee for 2023

When a student is admitted to the University Of South Africa, he passes through a long procedure of course registration, a merit list, and so on. The last thing you are required to submit to the university is the application payment.

Anyhow the average registration fee for UNISA is about R1 815,00 to R7 550,00 according to the type of course and programme.

Plus, the fee may vary according to your APS score and per semester performance, for instance, if you score high in the first semester, the university will provide you with a scholarship or bursary. Anyhow, the books and stationery expenses are additional. Let’s discuss how you can pay the fee!

All Payment Methods

Debit Card

If you visit the UNISA regional office and fill out the admission form, they will offer to pay the registration fee via your debit card. The payment collecting machines are available in all regional UNISA offices and they accept your registration fee through debit card.

Credit Card

The good news is UNISA accepts credit card payments but for this, the applicant must visit the regional office. Keep in mind that credit card payment collecting machine availability is rare but you can find it in Sunnyside/Florida. You should also know that these are real-time transactions.

UNISA Website

You can also pay the registration fee on the official website of UNISA, the link is mentioned below. It is a completely safe link so you can use it for transactions and pay your fees with a credit card. Do not provide irrelevant details, in case you find something fishy you can contact the UNISA department via the phone number mentioned below.

Link: https:

Contact Number: 012 429 3111

Bank Deposit

In case you are unable to pay your dues despite following all the above methods or you face a problem (Transactional Error) then you should visit the bank branch. Keep in mind that you cannot pay fees in all kinds of banks but in certain ones such as First National Bank and ABSA Bank of South Africa.

Deposit References

  • 5370810030 for the application fee
  • 3000774039 for SBL student fees
  • 5400374721 for study fees
  • 5352X74608 for matriculation exemption fees
  • 5400374225 for library fees
  • 5400315164 for access cards

Can I Pay Through Cheques?

Basically, institutes like UNISA and other educational departments do not rely on passive payment mediums such as cheques. It is easier to manipulate the institute by giving a cheque for an empty account rather than giving access to the credit card. Second, the institute does not take risks as most cheques are bounced because of the wrong signatures of clients.


How do I pay my Unisa application fee?

You can pay the UNISA application fee through a bank deposit or use your debit card. Provide the number of your account while adding courses or registering for a programme.

Do I pay an application fee every time I apply at Unisa?

No, you do not need to pay an application fee every time, instead, it is a once-off fee.

Who should pay the Unisa application fee?

Those who are taking admission to the university or first-time applicants should pay the UNISA application fee.

Where do I send proof of payment for the Unisa application fee?

In case the amount does not reflect on your portal but you have paid the amount then send the proof of your transaction to the [email protected].


Newcomers often seem confused regarding the fee and payment details but the best way to pay your dues is while submitting the application. You can use a Debit card, Credit card or visit the branch to pay your application fee. Once you pay the dues, keep the proof in your device or save the bank slip, I hope this information will help you in the future, thank you!

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