What are the Requirements to Study Policing at UNISA?

The College of Law is a reputable institute at UNISA known for its specialization in law and police practice. The department offers a diploma for anyone interested in learning how law-enforcing agencies work in the country. If you are interested in this qualification and want to know the requirements to study policing at UNISA, give this guide a quick read.

What Are the Requirements to Study Policing at UNISA

About the Department of Police Practice

The Department of Police Practice comes under the College of Law, created to expand and deliver the knowledge of South African constitutional law among students. It offers multiple courses for different qualifications. It is further divided into departments for specialization in Law and police practice.

The department was created to empower law-enforcing agencies within the country. According to South African constitutional law, it uses an Open Distance E-learning mechanism to teach the students how to practically implement their knowledge.

The policing studied at this department is primarily focused on guaranteeing and improving the safety and security of South African citizens through proper means. The learning is centralized for students with a detailed academic curriculum. And the best part is that students can opt for their preferred learning modules.

Application Requirements for Policing at UNISA

If you are interested in applying for a policing diploma at UNISA, it is important to meet some prerequisites. Your admission depends on whether you fulfill these requirements or not. Here is a list of conditions you need to meet to qualify for the diploma in policing.

  • National Senior Certificate NSC for a diploma with 50% (at least) in teaching and learning or
  • A senior certificate with D and C symbols on HG and SG, respectively in teaching and learning, or
  • A higher education certificate.
  • Apart from this, you are also required to fulfill the general application criteria allocated by the University of South Africa.

How to Choose Modules for a Police Diploma?

While you are applying for the police diploma at UNISA, it is required that you choose the study modules beforehand. This is because they will determine the student fee. Similarly, each module has separate prerequisites, so you can only apply for some modules.

So, how do you choose the suitable modules for your diploma qualification? The modules are designed so that you must pass a specific NQF Credit level to pursue the degree. It is divided into pre and co-requisites.

  • For instance, corequisites are two modules that co-exist, and you must pass both to proceed further. Let’s say the A and B modules are each other’s corequisites. You must pass both these modules to get a head in the degree.
  • The prerequisites are a little different. For instance, let’s say Module A is a prerequisite for Module B. So, to get registered for Module B, you must pass Module A.

Please consider that you can only apply for a maximum number of credits for each module and degree. This doesn’t include the supplementary exams you may take otherwise. So thoroughly consider these modules and then apply for your desired modules.

Application Process

To apply for the Policing diploma at UNISA, students must apply online. The process is fairly easy and doesn’t take more than twenty minutes, with all the documents available at the time of application. Here is how you can do it.

  • Apply for an R125 application once you get an authorized student number from the university on initial admission.
  • Next, use this student number to get access to the application form. Fill in all the details and submit the application fee using the reference number. Please note that the reference and student numbers you get from UNISA are the same.
  • After this, send the challan you got from the bank as proof of payment to [email protected].
  • Following this, you will get an email telling you that you have successfully applied for the application and it has entered the evaluation stage.
  • All applications are submitted online, and no help stations exist for students at UNISA.
  • If you have not paid the fees yet and have filled out the application form, the university does not accept it. They will not process your application until you send them proof of bank payment.

Finally, before you apply for a police diploma at UNISA, make sure to consult anyone near you. Give the application and modules extra importance, as they can make a huge difference. I hope you will soon figure it out.

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