What is the Matriculation Board Fee UNISA?

The matriculation board fee is revised annually which can be a reason for confusion amongst the students at Unisa. It changes everywhere and is a non-refundable amount. Every student who plans to enroll themselves in South African universities including Unisa has to pay whatever the amount is.

After doing some research and going through the process myself, I have decided to write an article to answer all the queries related to matriculation board fee Unisa. I am sure that by reaching the end you will have an idea about the amount and the payment method.

What Is Matriculation Board Fee UNISA

What Is Matriculation Board Fee Unisa?

The standard matriculation board fee at Unisa is around R700. This amount is non-refundable and all the applicants have to pay it. The amount is revised every year for applicants from around the world.

How To Pay The Matriculation Board Fee?

You have to pay the matriculation board fee for Unisa in the bank account. The account number along with the branch code of ABSA bank are provided to students. Please make sure you write your correct name and account number to avoid any inconvenience.

After filling in the deposit slip at the bank, you will need proof as well. This is a requirement so that your application process is completed quickly.

What Is a Matriculation Exemption Certificate?

The matriculation exemption certificate is for students who did not pass Senior Certificates. It is a legal requirement that students must have a matriculation certificate to enroll at the University of South Africa. Anyone who does not have a Senior Certificate with endorsement will need an exemption certificate from the board.

This is a requirement if any of you wish to get enrolled in universities around South Africa. You will get your first-hand degree if you have your exemption certificate from the board.

Many questions may arise in your mind about how to get your hands on this exemption certificate. You can visit the official Unisa website to know the complete process.

Types Of Matriculation Exemption Certificates

There are two types of matriculation exemption certificates. You get any one of them according to the requirements of the university you plan to enroll in.

The first type is the Complete Exemption Certificate which has no expiry date. You can use them for as long as you need because it is awarded based on your education. These are present on the official website of the matriculation board.

The second type of matriculation exemption certificate is the Conditional Exemption Certificate. They are offered to mature students or foreign students who have applied at Unisa for a two-year study program.


A brief article on what is the matriculation board fees is written to answer all the student’s queries. It is a requirement to pay this amount before enrolling in any university in South Africa. If you plan on getting admission at Unisa, you will have to pay the amount beforehand.

I hope the information above has helped you understand things related to fees and exemption certificates. You have enough details to continue the process of paying the fee before starting your degree.

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