How Many Modules for Honours in Education at UNISA?

How many modules for Honors in Education at Unisa are there and who can register for this program is a very important question. You must have a piece of complete knowledge regarding this program and its modular system before you apply because the registration process is quite tricky at Unisa.

How Many Modules for Honours in Education at UNISA

You could destroy your chances of securing a seat in the Honors of Education program in your own ignorance. So, it is better to have complete knowledge relating to it rather than stumbling upon bits of information along the way.

Besides, if you are not careful enough, you may end up getting your admission at Unisa canceled. And if that happens, you will have to wait an entire semester before you could apply again. For further details, keep on reading the following article.

Honors In Education

The Honors in Education is an excellent program offered by Unisa that you can opt for. It is basically a post-graduate program designed to equip you with the necessary skills and expertise to explore Educational issues related to your respective streams of Education. It will help you skillfully execute all your knowledge and research.

However, this program is based on a very tricky module system which you must understand before you apply for this program. For instance, there are four modules in the first year and you have to pass at least two of them in order to be able to proceed further in the second year and so on.

Who Can Register For Honors In Education At Unisa

If you are thinking about getting yourself registered for the Honors for Education in Unisa then you must apply for admission. Your Registration shall only be accommodated after your admission with Unisa has been secured otherwise, don’t even think about registering for this program or any other program at Unisa for that matter!

Your admission application will go through a long and exacting process after which you will be able to opt for a program. And that is not the end of it! Your registration for the Honors in Education will also be subjected to a weighty process and if everything in your application turns out fine, you will be admitted to this program.

However, make sure that you are very careful with the filling out of your form. It is because if you make the slightest mistake about the program selection and you don’t meet the criteria for that program, your registration will be rejected and admission will be canceled!

After that, you will have to wait till the next admission opens up. And that will cost you quite a lot of time! So, make sure that you are very careful with the filling out of your form.

Number Of Modules For Honors In Education At Unisa

Honors in Education is a four-year program. It is based on a modular system requiring the students to complete sixty credit hours per module/semester and a hundred and twenty credit hours per academic year whichever is higher.

To break it down further, you will have to complete six to eight credit hours per week in order to successfully complete the required credit hours. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fulfill the required credit hours necessary for this program.

Apart from that, you will have to complete one module in order to move on to the next one. You can not skip modules in your haste because it does not work that way!

So, this was all from my side and I hope you all enjoyed reading through this article. I tried my best to provide you with all the information that you may have needed relating to the modular system of a highly coveted degree of Honors in Education. So, if you know someone who is interested in this program and could benefit from this information, feel free to share it with them.

In any case, let me summarize this article by reminding you of a few things that should be in your memory when you leave. First of all, the Honors in Education is a research-based program spread out over four years and divided by modules. You will have to complete about sixty credit hours per module or a hundred and twenty credit hours per year.