What does it mean when NSFAS says Funding Eligible Without Admission?

Are you a South African student and have submitted your NSFAS application? Does your application status say “ funding eligible without admission”? If yes, then this article will be of great help.

Many students get confused upon seeing NSFAS application status, so here we are to help all those students.

what does it mean when nsfas says funding eligible without admission

Everyone who is seeking an answer to what it means when NSFAS application status says funding eligible without admission should continue reading because this article is what you are seeking.

Is it a Good Status?

For all the eligible students who have submitted their NSFAS application online to get the educational funds, I need you to pay attention.

Don’t feel heartbroken if you have checked your NSFAS application status and it says “funding eligible without admission”.

It is not bad news; instead, it is a positive response which means your application has been approved, and you will get the grant.

So don’t worry if your NSFAS application status is “funding eligible without admission.” However, there is a condition that should be fulfilled in order to receive the grant for the educational purpose.

I have been through this situation and remember how shocking it was to see my application status as “funding eligible without admission.”

So here I am to help those who are like me and trying to understand this very NSFAS application status.

What Is the Reason Behind This NSFAS Application Status?

All the NSFAS application statuses have a meaning, and so does “funding eligible without admission.” So the meaning of this status is that your admission is still pending, or the NSFAS department has not yet received your admission confirmation from your chosen university.

Now you must be wondering, is there anything you can do? Well, there isn’t anything you can do except wait for your admission to be confirmed by the university.

And as soon as the NSFAS receives your admission confirmation from the university, your status will automatically change to “funding with admission offer.” The process takes time, so wait patiently.


What does it mean when NSFAS says funding is eligible?

When the NSFAS application status is “funding eligible, ” your application fulfills all the NSFAS funding requirements, and you will receive the grant.

How long can you be funded by NSFAS?

The maximum duration anyone can receive NSFAS funding is five years if they are eligible for the funds for all these years and funds available each year.

What is the NSFAS allowance for 2023?

For 2023 eligible students will get R5 460 for learning material and R16 500 living allowance, and R45 000 accommodation allowance.

Many students get confused by “funding eligible without admission” NSFAS status. But you don’t have to be upset about this application status as your education will be funded by the NSFAS as soon as the university confirms your admission.

Meanwhile, you can wait and pack your bags to be ready for the new journey. After reading our article, I am positive that your mind must be clear about this confusing statement on the NSFAS application.

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