When will UNISA Students Get their Allowance?

As the new academic year unfolds, every UNISA student has the same question on their mind: “When will UNISA students get their allowance”? This allowance holds immense importance for financially weak students as it directly impacts their educational careers. Therefore, the disturbance or delay in the allowance is very disappointing for them.

when will unisa students get their allowance

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, or NSFAS, is helping millions of students with their tertiary education, and they have recently announced that UNISA has already paid out the majority of the students.

However, the newly eligible and late students will soon receive their funds. So, let me offer some clarity on when and how much NSFAS pays UNISA students.

University of South Africa (UNISA) has confirmed that they have already paid a total of over 90,070 students. Moreover, they are currently in the process of reviewing the funds of those students who were left due to late confirmation by NSFAS.

Additionally, UNISA has stated that they will pay the returning students their learning material and incidental allowances from Wednesday, 15 March 23. However, the disbursement process of the new eligible students will begin a week later, on Wednesday, 22 March 2023.

How will the Returning NSFAS Students Receive Funds?

Those students who received NSFAS funding in the year 2022 were declined for funding in 2023. However, they have appealed the decision and should now wait for the results. Moreover, they must pay the registration fee to keep their seats at the University, and once NSFAS funds are confirmed, they will be reimbursed.

Similarly, these returning students who have not finished their degrees should temporarily register themselves once the UNISA registration time starts. Furthermore, students thinking about applying for the NSFAS funds for the first time should also temporarily register during the UNISA registration period.

Because if they wait for the confirmation of funds and then apply, their allowance disbursement will be delayed, and they might have to find another sponsor.

How Much Does NSFAS Pay UNISA Students?

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, or NSFAS, gives UNISA students personal care and learning material allowances as it is a distance learning institution. However, it also covers the tuition and registration fee, and the allowance a student receives depends on the number of modules they are registered for. So, if you are a UNISA student, you will receive the following funds from NSFAS.

A UNISA student receives;

  • Complete registration and tuition fee.
  • Living allowance of R600 per module for the first four modules. However, they will get an allowance of R5,460 for five to ten modules, which will be a once-off amount. This allowance is for their books and other materials that they would need to do their studies.
  • A living allowance will only be given to students who register themselves for at least ten or more modules. However, if they register for ten modules and later reduce it, they will not get the allowance.
  • An Incidental allowance of R290 per month from February to November each year for small expenses.

What Factors Influence NSFAS Allowance Disbursement?

There are several factors that influence the timeline for allowance disbursement. It depends on the availability of funds, the number of applications received, and the administrative capacity of NSFAS.

Moreover, government policies can also have an impact on it, and all these factors combined can lead to a delay, increase or decrease in the NSFAS allowance disbursement.


Do first-time NSFAS-funded students have to sign the agreement before getting their allowance?

No, NSFAS Students who are receiving funds for the first time do not have to sign an agreement before getting their allowance because they already signed as part of the application process.

Do UNISA students get a monthly allowance?

Yes, all of the UNISA allowances are given on a monthly basis, and the NSFAS students studying at UNISA receive learning material and living allowance.


In short, most of the UNISA students have received their funding already, while the rest will receive it soon. The official date for the returning students to receive their funding is 15 March 2023 and 22 March 2023 for the new eligible students. Moreover, NSFAS covers the tuition and registration fee of UNISA students in addition to the living and learning material allowances.

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