When is UNISA Releasing Exam Results for 2023-24?

UNISA has released the Jan-Feb 2023 period of examination and the university has announced everything on its official website with no technical glitches. Please note that the schedule for 2024 has also been announced by the University of South Africa and the deadlines are significantly mentioned by Unisa.

In this article, I’ll share more details about when is UNISA releasing exam results, result codes on UNISA academic records, and more.

when is unisa releasing exam results

UNISA Exams Results Schedule

The University of South Africa has defined the schedule for up to December 2024, and the final examination results will be mailed to the enrolled students on the scheduled dates by the university.

The final results will be only released on myUnisa after the candidate returns the books borrowed from the library of the university and settled the outstanding dues, if any. Please note that UNISA will not provide examination results telephonically or by other means; also, you cannot ask about the examination result from the administrative staff.

As far as the supplementary exams are concerned, there are no particular timetables for these by the University of South Africa. The timetable for the supplementary exams will be made available once you settle the outstanding dues and return the books to the library of Unisa.

2023 UNISA Schedule

As I said before, the University of South Africa announce the schedule for the whole year’s examination and results and the university will follow the schedule strictly. In this sequence, Unisa has commenced the release of examination results for January/February 2023 and released the result on 17th March 2023.

If you want to know more about the exams, you can contact [email protected].

The 2023 exam results have already been announced by Unisa, and the schedule for 2024 is also updated on the website. In the next section, I’ll uncover the 2024 Unisa schedule; however, please note that this will be the tentative schedule as the university will strictly try to follow the dates, but we cannot ignore the fact that there can be some delays or changes.

Therefore, you’re suggested to keep visiting the official Unisa website and stay in touch with the focal person and administration of the university for regular updates.

2024 Unisa Schedule

At the University of South Africa, the examinations take place in three rounds every year: January-February, May-June, and October-Novemeber. The exam results will be announced by Unisa on 8th March 2024, 27th July 2024, and 20th December 2024 for the first, second, and last rounds, respectively. Please note that you cannot call the administration or university to get to know about your result; they will only guide you about the announcement dates and procedure to follow.

Result Codes On Unisa Academic Records

The result announced by the University of South Africa is declared in the form of official codes, which is hard to understand for new students. As a senior Unisa student, I stand in a position to disclose the meaning of all the codes for your assistance. The first code is “pass”, which means students have scored 50% or higher marks in the exam.

“Pass with distinction” means students have scored 75% or higher marks in exams at Unisa. “Failed” means students have scored less than 50% marks. “Absent from Examination” means the candidate didn’t appear for the exam. “Supplementary examination” means a post-graduate student has scored around 40% to 45% marks.

“Results outstanding” means that students have submitted the examination but marking or grading is still under process. “Not admitted to an examination” refers that a candidate does not meet the examination criteria of the University of South Africa. “Script rejected” means that students have not used the right tool or have submitted the exam in the wrong format.


How long does it take Unisa to mark exams?

Unisa takes a month or two after the examination to conduct the results. However, there can be a delay in this period if the university has involved an external modulator.

Where do you find the Unisa exam results?

To see the examination results, you need to visit and log in to the myUnisa account. After logging in, navigate to the assessment admin and then to the admission results to see the exam results.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for the Unisa exam results! If you are a new candidate, you might find things complicated, but trust me, the University of South Africa has now made everything simple and digital for the candidates.

There are no technical glitches and hassle–simple, visit myUnisa to see results, contact [email protected] for any inquiries related to exams, and navigate to the notification panel on the official website to confirm the latest dates.

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