How to Transfer from UNISA to Another University?

Transferring from UNISA to another university takes a lot of effort and the applicant should have proper information about the procedure. If you are unable to stay in UNISA and want to shift from a federal institute to another university then you should have all the relevant documents.

The transfer procedure may take time but it depends on the student’s request and the institution’s response in which you are interested to take admission.

Make Sure you Have Valid Reason of Transfer

how to transfer from unisa to another university

The majority of people think that they cannot transfer from UNISA to another university. As far as the transfer, it is a difficult plus time taking process but it is possible that you can transfer to another institute. When I applied for the transfer, it took 2 weeks but after I received a permit letter that I am allowed to transfer from UNISA, the next procedure is simple.

The most important factor one should keep in mind before he pleas is the reason for transfer.

  • Those who do not have any reason and want to explore the two different institutes will have less chances as compared to those who have valid reasons.
  • UNISA is one of the best universities in South Africa as it offers multiple advanced courses and short courses, one can join extracurricular societies and get scholarships.

But I transferred because of travel distance as the university is far away from my town so I could not travel daily therefore I applied for transfer and the institute accepted my request. Therefore, you should also have a valid reason in case you are moving from one town to another city or you are a victim of racism or bully then the university can consider your request.

Before we dig into the procedure you should determine where you want to transfer your seat from UNISA. Once you have decided then go to open the official website of the university in which you are interested and also open the official website of UNISA. I have divided the rest of the procedure into simple steps so start copying my steps one by one and do not wait to finish the guide.

Step 1 : Make sure the Destined University Accepts UNISA’s Students

Once you open the website of another university where you want to study further, go to the transfer section and find the name of UNISA. It is because a few universities do not allow students from certain institutes, therefore if you want to transfer, you should confirm that the university accepts students from UNISA.

Step 2: Note all Destined University Requirements

Furthermore, you should also note down all their requirements such as SGPA and CGPA, the course you want to pursue, fee structure, and the number of students who have transferred from UNISA to that university. Take all the fundamental details about the second university and then visit your portal.

Step 3: Make Sure you are Eligible for the Next University & Apply Transcript

If you are eligible for the next university then apply your transcript in UNISA. As you receive a transcript, go to apply for the transfer, you can fill out the application form through your portal or visit the admission department. The basic requirements of UNISA to transfer students are the reason and current status of the student.

Step 4: Provide a Valid Reason

Now provide a valid reason why you want to transfer from UNISA to another university such as travel distance, shifting your house, your father has transferred or you have a problem with a faculty member or student. Here you should keep in mind that if the problem is not in the criteria of the university such as you are shifting house then your request will be accepted otherwise the institute will try to solve the problem of the student.

Step 5: Apply to Destined University

Once you have received the transcript and pleaded for the transfer, open the website of the university you are interested in and fill out their transfer application. You can find the best universities of South Africa here. Attach all the required documents with the plea such as your transcript, grades card, or identity card, and send it to the relevant authorities.

Step 6: Wait for Approval

If UNISA allows you to transfer from the institute then you will receive an email but if the inbox is empty then your request is in process or got rejected. Once you receive the permit email, it will lead you to further process such as how to get a fee clearance form or certificate of transfer.

Step 7: Show the Transfer Permit

Now you can fearlessly visit another university where you have applied for further education and show the transfer permit. In case any problem occurs if you do not receive an email from UNISA then check the application status through your portal. If your fees are clear and you paid all the dues then the institute will provide you with a permit to study somewhere else.

How to apply for a transfer at UNISA?

To apply for transfer, the applicant should open his portal and go to the transfer section where he can see all the information. You must have cleared all fees and have a good record otherwise UNISA will not allow your plea.

Does UNISA allow transfers?

Yes, UNISA allows students to transfer from one university to another but the procedure is too lengthy. Sometimes it takes 1 to 2 months but if there is no problem with your request and all dues are clear, it will take 2 weeks.

UNISA is one of the top educational institutes in South Africa where every student dreams to study. But sometimes misfortune changes the direction of our career and we need to choose another university. To save your educational career and study further you can transfer from UNISA to any university in which you are interested.

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