How to Use or Login on Moodle App UNISA?

Those who want to educate themselves and learn new skills but also go to work and cannot attend classes physically have an opportunity. You can attend lectures and download helping videos through the application Moodle. If you are a student of UNISA and often face difficulty while taking notes during lectures then the Moodle app is the best option for you.

How to Login on Moodle App UNISA

UNISA is linked with the Moodle app which can help you take notes, attend the classes again virtually and see the entire module. UNISA is providing this opportunity to only those who have registered for courses in the university. The app is simple to use, you can also see other courses or attend the classes in advance.

How To Login or Use Moodle App UNISA?

Moodle is an educational app that allows users to watch academic lectures. The application is widely available for all citizens of South Africa but you must have an ID and password to log in. Basically, the application is associated with a list of universities such as the University of South Africa, the University of Cape Town, and so on.

Although the application has courses and lectures, if you use the login ID of your university then you can access the lectures according to your module. Therefore, you should have an ID from the university and a username. Without these two basic elements, you cannot login to Moodle. Let’s say the university where you study is not associated with Moodle, then you can watch other academic lectures.

Before we dig into further details the most important thing you should have is the Moodle app. To run the Moodle app you should have a 5.0 or higher Android version, you can also watch videos and lectures on Moodle’s official website. Plus, you should have an internet connection, otherwise, videos will not proceed.

How To Download Moodle App?

Step 1

If you have no idea how the Moodle application and virtual education work then first you should learn how to download the Moodle app. The application is available on both iOS and Android, go to the Play Store or App Store of your cell phone and search Moodle in the bar. There might be so many versions but you have to download the yellow icon application which will appear on the top of the page.

Step 2

As you spot the Moodle application, tap on the download button and wait until the download finishes. Once the procedure finishes, the application will take 5 seconds to install. Now open the application and a new page will take a few seconds before the system launches this app. It is because the system initializes and decrypts the rest of the files.

Step 3

After all the decryption procedure, you will see a page with so many lectures, the more you scroll down the more courses you will see. But you cannot login to the application until you have the username and ID number of the UNISA. Tap on the three dots button of the application and a drop-down list will appear, select “Change Site”.

Step 4

Once you click on the “Change Site”, it will take you to another page and then you should tap on the account. The Moodle application will show you two options; an empty bar “Your Site” or “Scan QR Code”. However, minimise the window and open the official website then tap on the “myUnisa” option.

Step 5

Here you will see that the UNISA website will ask you to login with the username and password. Click on the empty bars, provide the relevant information, and tap on the login button. After clicking the login button it will show you three options, “Module of 2022” and “Module of 2023” plus “myAdmin ”. Tap on the module of 2023 and it will take you to another page.

Step 6

All you need is to copy the link of the new page and paste it in the “Your Site” bar but keep in mind that you do not need to paste the entire link. Start covering from the beginning to and do not copy further. When you paste it in the bar, it will show you different options but tap on the “Connect Your Site” button.

Step 7

You have successfully opened the UNISA main course details but before you see the videos and modules information, login to Moodle. It will ask you to provide your “Username” and “Password” and to tap on the login button. Provide all the details then click on the button below and you have successfully logged into the Moodle application.

What Are The Advantages Of Moodle App?

Using the Moodle application for virtual education is the best option, it will not only help you take notes but also keep you updated about future lectures in advance. When I started using the Moodle application, it was a bit challenging to use it but within a day I learned how to use it.


The first and foremost advantage of using Moodle is that it is convenient to use and allows you access to smart education at home. No matter if you are in college or traveling around town, you can attend lectures and take notes easily. All you need is a fast internet connection and you will never have D grade in final sessionals.


There are a few applications that allow you to customize the interface according to the user’s perception in which Moodle is in the top position. The application helps you change the interface, allows you to set alarms, you can set a screen time plus gather your favorite videos in a section and revisit them often.


The application is highly secure and keeps your information safe from data leaks. Hundreds of workers manage the security issues of Moodle and provide a completely safe playground for students. You can report in case you are doubtful about the security and the headquarters will take quick measures to eliminate all threats.

What is the purpose of the Moodle application?

The purpose of Moodle app is to provide quality education and allow users to use academic lectures for their learning. It is an open source of education and learning for users as they can watch videos and lectures regarding their courses.

What are the three 3 features of Moodle?

The three main features of Moodle application are; it is easy to use and a modern source of education, the user can personalize the application and it provides cooperating and advanced tools.

What type of LMS is Moodle?

It has an open source learning management system LMS which is created for providing access to all kinds of users.

Education is the root cause of development and without education one cannot make progress in his life. To make your access convenient and provide you with incredible tools, Moodle application is offering an easy interface, a smart system, and all kinds of courses. Anyway, I have explained how to login to the Moodle app with UNISA ID in simple 7 steps. I hope you find it helpful in the future.

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