How to Apply for a Bridging Course at UNISA?

Before applying for a higher education degree at Unisa, you can get a bridging course, which, as the name implies, creates a bridge between you and your dream degree. The bridging course helps you get enrolled at the University of South Africa, helps you in getting to know the environment, rules, and regulations, and introduces you to university life.

Not only that, but the primary purpose of the bridging course is to prepare you for a higher degree like higher certification, diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and more.

How to Apply for a Bridging Course at UNISA

As a senior Unisa student, I stand in a position to guide newcomers regarding the bridging course offered by the University of South Africa and how this coursework will help you make your career soon.

In this blog post, I’ll cover all your queries like what a bridging course, what’s the purpose behind this course, how to apply for a bridging course at Unisa, how much you need to pay for this course, and much more. Let’s start this fruitful discussion!

How To Apply For A Bridging Course At UNISA?

Before I move on to how to apply for a bridging course, I want to disclose the prime information about the course itself and its sole purpose. In simple terms, the bridging course at Unisa is the preparation course that helps students prepare for the degree they want to pursue at the University of South Africa. This initiative was started to increase the percentage of enrollment per year and consequently increase the literacy rate in South Africa.

What Is A Bridging Course At UNISA?

As I have just said, the bridging course at the University of South Africa provides a pathway to complete your dream degree. For instance, if you want to get an undergraduate degree or enroll in a Master’s program, let’s say, in Accounting, but you’re not sure that you’ll clear the test and eligibility for the degree or not, you can take help with the bridging course as during this course the instructors will prepare you for the higher degree. The bridging period is divided into two subcategories by the university, which will be discussed shortly.

Bridging Courses Group A

Group A bridging courses are also called compulsory courses that students must have to take. These are the primary courses that aim to build the base of a student who is willing to pursue higher education at Unisa. The bridging courses that fall under Group A include Language Through African Lens, Being a Professional Teacher, Child and Adolescent Development, Diversity, Pedagogy and Practice, Academic Proficiency in English for Student Teachers, Ethical Information and Communication for Development Solutions, Developing Skills for Lifegoing learning, and Practical Science for Classroom.

Bridging Courses Group B

While the Group B bridging courses are not compulsory courses for students. The candidates need to choose modules that are similar to their field of interest. Such bridging courses include Art and Handwork, Guidance, Counselling, Life Skills Development, Intro to Grade R teaching, Environmental Education, Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Science for Classroom 01, Science for Classroom 02, Technology 01 for the Classroom, and Technology 02 for the Classroom.

How Much Is A Bridging Course At Unisa

The price of the bridging course at Unisa varies every year, along with the discipline and module you choose. The University of South Africa does not yet disclose the cost of the bridging course 2023. You can call the administration to find out about the cost of the bridging course 2023.

Bridging Course Application Procedure

To apply for the bridging course, you must register online by navigating to this website: Fill in the application form, i.e., R105, submit the dues (via bank transfer), and send the proof of fee submission to the Unisa administration center. The application is pretty straightforward, and you will easily do it without any help in one go.

How to apply for a bridge course at Unisa?

You can apply online for the bridge course through the official website of the University of South Africa, i.e., After submitting the form R105, you must submit the dues and email the fee slip to the administration.

What is a bridging course in Unisa?

Bridging course is a course that helps students in preparing for a higher education degree at the University of South Africa. The course is pre-preparation work that consists of compulsory and non-compulsory modules.

Does NSFAS pay for bridging?

No, Nsfas doesn’t pay for the bridging course; it only bears the cost of the primary degree. If you take a bridging approach to preparation, you must pay for it yourself.

That’s all for the bridging course by Unisa! In my opinion, it is a great initiative by the university to help students complete their higher education and pursue their careers. In this article, I have summed up the needed information for your assistance; don’t forget to give it a good read!

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