How to Access & Complete MOOC UNISA?

Are you a first-time UNISA student? Transitioning to a new and innovative studying experience can be challenging and overwhelming. Therefore, UNISA offers MOOC to facilitate the first-year experience of the newcomers and give them an overview of what to expect from distance learning in general and UNISA specifically.

How to Complete MOOC UNISA

The UNISA MOOC is a simple and straightforward process; however, many students fail to complete it. This course offers maximum flexibility, and students can do it without any pressure; hence the students do not usually complete it. So, let’s look into how to complete MOOC UNISA.

How to Complete MOOC UNISA?

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course; it is called massive because there is no limit on the number of students enrolled. UNISA offers MOOC for first-year students to help them transition smoothly from traditional learning to distance learning. Moreover, you can access the video lectures, participate in the discussion forums, and then do the interactive quizzes and assignments to complete the course.

The best part of doing a Massive Open Online Course is its flexibility, allowing students to study at their own pace and schedule. You will have access to all the learning material, so you can take a class late at night or early in the morning whenever you feel energetic. Similarly, you need to have a clear and focused mindset to complete MOOC.

How to Access MOOC UNISA?

To complete MOOC at UNISA, the first step is to gain access to the available learning material for the students. The process is easy and requires your student number. So, allow me to guide you through getting access to MOOC UNISA.

  • First, visit
  • Next, tap on ‘new account’ and create one with the help of your student number as your user ID.
  • Then, after signing in, click on ‘membership.’
  • Now, look for the specific MOOC that you want to join. For instance, UOL009-FYE101, and click on the given link.
  • Then, after getting access to MOOC, complete all the assessments at the end of each session and submit them.
  • Finally, at the end of session 3 FYE 101 MOOC, you will find a link, click on it and follow the given steps to get your offer.

Successful UNISA MOOC Completion: Guide

As mentioned earlier, it is a completely flexible course where you can choose everything from your course to your study schedule and place. This can be one of the reasons why students find it very challenging to complete. Moreover, more than 90% of the students do not get to finish these types of coursework.

Although the course is flexible, you would still need to have a proper routine so you do not get distracted throughout MOOC sessions. Therefore, let me share some proven strategies for successfully completing UNISA MOOC.

After getting enrolled and accessing the MOOC content, the next step is to familiarize yourself with the structure of the course. Please review the course material; it is already divided into sessions for ease. So, the following is the structure of UNISA MOOC.

Essentially, it is divided into two parts; the first part focuses on getting to know UNISA and Open Distance E-learning (ODeL). This part will shed some light on various aspects of UNISA, its history, academic courses, and the distance learning approach. Moreover, you will also learn about the benefits and importance of ODel.

The second part focuses on your career counseling; you will be encouraged to explore your skills and interests. This will help you choose the academic field based on your skills to help you with your future career eventually. Furthermore, you will participate in activities and explore your likes and dislikes through different resources.

Explore both sessions and take your time and check out the resources, videos, and other learning materials. Each session has activities that are made to assess you on that topic. For instance, the activities include quizzes, assignments, and self-reflective exercises on your career aspirations.

Additionally, the successful completion of this MOOC depends on completing each task and participating in every activity. Lastly, after completing tasks, submit them for grading. Take breaks between the sessions and reward yourself for completing tasks to stay motivated throughout the course.

Is it necessary to complete MOOC at UNISA?

Yes, it is compulsory for first-year students to complete the First-YEAR Experience MOOC as it will help them understand ODeL and UNISA.

In short, the University of South Africa has designed a course for newcomer students to help them transition to distance learning easily. It enables them to learn about various aspects of UNISA and ODel. Moreover, to complete this course, you must complete all the tasks and assignments at the end of each session.

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