How to Change a Course at UNISA? 6 Easy Steps

We often make a hurry while taking a course but sometimes we lose interest or we find the selected course difficult. The only solution to such problems is to change your course and the good news is UNISA offers students to change their courses. Well, the problem occurs when students are in the last semester and they plan to shift from one course to another.

How to Change Course at UNISA

In such conditions, the university will allow them to change their courses but there could be some barriers according to the UNISA policies. Anyhow, you can change your course but the procedure is a bit pricey and long. In my opinion, if you have decided to change course then do not waste a single day and finish the task as soon as possible.

Can you Change Course At Unisa?

Changing short and advanced courses is simple because it does not charge you thousands of rands. The average fee for a short course is about R2000, therefore if you change a course, you lose only R2000 but the average fee for a programme is about R5000 to R80000 so if you change a programme, it will cost you more.

The question arises: can you change the course of a programme you are studying right now? It depends if the university is offering other courses with equivalent credit hours.

Let’s say, you are a student of psychology and you want to change Neuropsychology a 45 credit hours course, you must find a course with the same credits valuation. In case you do not have an option, you can freeze that course for the future but you cannot change it until there is no equivalent credit hours course.

Another problem students face is that they start taking an interest in other courses for instance, if you are a student of physics but you want to study philosophy as a single course, you may face a tough time picking up the course. Philosophy is not related to your programme, so there are chances one can add it, all you can do is pick the other offered courses.

Procedure To Change A Course In UNISA

Step 1

UNISA has an organized body of rules and policies as it carefully evaluates the actions of its students, therefore you are required to provide a reason why you want to change a course. First, you have to decide in which course you want to pursue your educational career and then proceed further.

Step 2

For example, if you are interested in Advanced Economics and do not want to study Smart Agriculture then visit the registration website and login to it with your username and password. As the new page opens, you will see the “Register New Course”, tap on it and a drop-down list will appear. Now select the course you want to pursue further and load the next page.

Step 3

Fill the registration bars with all the relevant information such as your name, and ID number, and tap on the “Register” button. It will ask you to pay a fee, provide payment details, and your selected new course. Keep in mind, you have to restart your educational career once you select a new course or you can study both at the same time.

Step 4

If you want to change course in a long duration programme such as graduation or post graduation then you should go to the registration website. As the page loads, you will see the “Change A Course” option, tap on it and it will show you a list of courses you can pursue. Select the course you are interested in and then enter the course you want to swap it with and press “Submit”.

Step 5

The course details must match your programme. If you are a student of History, the desired course should be related to the Humanities Department. Furthermore, it will ask you the reason why you want to change. So provide a valid reason such as the course is incomprehensible or your marks are going downside.

Step 6

If your answer satisfies the system which is dealing with course change, you will see a new course added to your portal. But if you provide a nonsensible reason to the authorities, you may study the same course for the rest of the semester. However, submit your application and you will receive a confirmation email within a few days.

What Else University Can Offer?

There could be many conditions, first, there are chances that the institute works on your application and changes the course. In case your reason does not satisfy the system, it can send you to a career counselor and the counselor will persuade you to pursue the same course further. The third chance is that the system neither changes your course nor sends you to a career counselor but forces you to study the same course.

Can you cancel a course at UniSA?

Yes, you can cancel a course at UNISA, all you need is to open “myAdmin” and go to the registration section. Here you can see a new course addition or cancellation option. The course cancellation can help you refund your registration fee.

How do I change modules at UniSA?

To change the modules at UNISA, go to the official website and then tap on “My UNISA”. As it opens a new page, provide your username and password then click on login. The new page will come with three options but tap on the “myAdmin” and then go to the registration section, here you will see the “Change Module” option, tap on it and submit the request.

Can I apply again at UniSA?

Yes, you can apply to UNISA again but if you have canceled the course, you have to wait for the next period. As the new semester starts, you can apply for UNISA.

How many credits is a degree?

The credit hours are different in all countries such as in South Africa, a degree is about 30 credit hours but in Europe, it is about 60 credit hours.

A few people feel guilty while changing their courses but it is completely natural that one has lost interest because the course could not meet your expectations. Changing a course is a better decision than low grades and tough sessionals. UNISA provides all kinds of facilities regarding such problems, you can cancel a course, freeze your semester or change the course.

To change the course you must have a valid reason, in case your marks are appropriate and you have reasonable scores in sessionals then the university may not give a decision in your favor. But if there is an original problem like you are uncomfortable with the teacher or the course is different from what you expected then change is the best option. Anyhow, I have explained how to change short courses and a programme course in 6 steps, I hope you find this information helpful.

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