How to Apply for ECD at UNISA?

Early Childhood Development Education (ECD) is a program offered by the University of South Africa that circulated teaching of child developmental principles, theories, and everything in between. Multiple courses fall under this program and each of the coursework has a particular module that you need to study under the course and complete the target credits.

How to Apply for ECD at UNISA

Many newcomers are curious to know how to apply for ECD at Unisa, its eligibility and other admission-related requirements, application, fees, and more, so in this blog post, I’ll share all these necessary details that you should know beforehand.

Before I move on to the application procedure, I want to uncover the different programs under the ECD at Unisa and the eligibility requirements. This is because every discipline or qualification has additional criteria, and if you’re not eligible for a particular program, there is no need to apply for it. So, here is a quick discussion on Early Childhood Education.

Higher Certificate

The higher certificate offered under ECD at Unisa aims to provide insight to students related to the development stages, activities, materials, skills, and more related to handwork activities, art implementation, and other pre-school knowledge. The higher certification can be obtained in different study areas at Unisa under ECD and such study areas include Art and Handwork, Introduction to Grade R teaching, etc. The NQF level for higher certification is 05 and the total credits are 12.


The diploma degree is another 12-credit qualification at Unisa with an NQF level of 06. The core purpose of the diploma is to equip the qualifying candidates with the expertise and knowledge that will be needed for the implementation of developmental, cultural, age-wise, and social activities of grade R. The diploma courses under ECD includes Grade R Learning Program Design, Children’s Literature for Early Year, Grade R Mathematics Teaching, G R Life Skills: Social and personal development, Gr R Life Skills Science and Technology, Teaching Practice II, Inclusive Education for Grade R, Teaching Practice III, and more.

Undergraduate Degree

The undergraduate is a proper qualification that a student completes to be considered as a graduate and he/she will pursue a career with the job after that or either go for a Master/ Doctoral phase qualification. The purpose of undergraduate under ECD at Unisa is to equip the graduates with practical skills related to childhood education. The undergraduate degrees offered under ECD are as follows: Sociology of Education in Early Years, Psychology of Education, Teaching Practice for Foundation Phase I, Emergent Mathematics, Teaching Practice for Foundation Phase II, Emergent Literacy, English teaching for communication, Teaching Practice 4, and more.

Who Can Apply

The students who are enrolled in Unisa as well as the newcomers can apply for this qualification. Also, the students who already have applied for ECD at Unisa and have gained the qualification or either rejected before can re-register for the program in the new academic year when the University of South Africa announces the registration. Other requirements related to admission vary with the field of study.

Application Procedure

To apply for ECD at Unisa, you must register online and get the student number. This student number is a reference number that will be used further in the procedures.

After submitting the form online, you need to pay the application fees and send the proof of fee submission to the Unisa concerned department via email.

Please visit this link to apply for ECD:

If you need any further information related to admission, procedure, and more, please feel free to contact the customer center and administration in the university timings. You can also pay a visit to the University of South Africa, but I don’t think there is any need because everything related to admission is now digitalized.

Can I study ECD online at Unisa?

During Covid-19, the Univeristy of South Africa also introduced distant learning and online qualification. However, the online programs have certain criteria and requirements that you can read about on their official website.

How long does the ECD course take at Unisa?

It depends on the course you are taking, for example, if you’re enrolled in the Higher Certificate degree, it will complete in four years, while Masters and Doctoral programs will get completed in six and eight years respectively.

That’s all for the ECD application procedure at Unisa! I hope that the information I have shared so far will help you in applying for this program and earning a degree from one of the most prestigious universities in South Africa.

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