What Can I Study at UKZN with 24 or 27 Points?

The pursuit of higher education is a path filled with challenges, obstacles, and decisions. The University of KwaZulu-Natal is an internationally recognized institution which means it has a competitive admission process. Furthermore, its selection process depends on your Admission Point Score (APS).

The admission point system plays a vital role in determining the higher education journey of the aspiring students in South African students. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the point system to have a better sense of judgment while considering your options. So, let’s dig into what you can study with 24 and 27 points at UKZN.

Study Options with 24 _ 27 Points at UKZN

What Can I Study at UKZN with 24 & 27 Points?

The University of KwaZulu-Natal gives admission to applicants who score exceptionally high in their grade 11 and grade 12 June trial exams only if they provide certified copies of these results.

Furthermore, the selection process depends on the National Senior Certificate (NSC-Deg) and the specific entrance requirements. Moreover, applicants with a Senior Certificate might get a place early if they submit certified documents, while the rest will be considered after the NSC results.

UKZN Admission Point Score

The university uses an Admission Point Score (APS) system, which is based on the conversion of NSC or Senior Certificate symbols into points. Applicants are ranked in descending order for the programs that they have chosen, and the selection process is done from the top down until the program’s available places are filled. Furthermore, the calculation of your APS depends on your six best subject percentages with an exclusion of life orientation and math paper 3.

You get points for every matric subject that you appear for an exam in, and these points depend on the percentage you score in that particular subject. At the end, APS is the total points you get from each course. Furthermore, you need to achieve the minimum APS to be considered for a specific program; however, the bare minimum will not help much in the competitive selection process, so you must score higher than the minimum points requirements of your target course.

Minimum Points Requirement for UKZN

The University of KwaZulu-Natal states that the minimum points requirement for the majority of their course is 28 points. This means if you want to get admission to the top-ranked fields, you must score Higher than 28 points. However, there are a few of the fields available for those who score less than 28 points.

27 Points Admission Options at UKZN

If your APS is 27, you get a few options that have minimum points requirement of 27 or 26. Here is a list of all the available options;

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (evening classes) has an APS range between 26-48.
  • Bachelor of Commerce Extended Curriculum (General) has a minimum APS requirement of 26.
  • B Sc Augmented Program requires a minimum of 26 points.
  • The Humanities Extended Curriculum program has an APS range of 20-27.

24 Points Admission Options at UKZN

With 24 points, you can go for the Humanities Extended Curriculum Program. Furthermore, you can also apply for the BA in Music, which requires 22 or more APS points with English LO 4.

In short, the minimum points requirement for the majority of UKZN courses is 28. However, there are a few options available for those who score 24 and 27 points. Moreover, it is better to score higher than the bare minimum APS requirement to increase your chances of selection.

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