UKZN Student Central – How to Login in iEnabler Portal?

The University of KwaZulu-Natal, a well-known public university in South Africa with five campuses, is renowned for giving its students great exposure and platforms to learn new things and skills. The university designed an online student management system called UKZN Student Central or UKZN Enabler Portal.

Logging into UKZN Student Central

This online portal serves as a gateway for the students of this institute to collect essential information and conduct various academic activities to enhance their knowledge and skills. Apart from conducting educational activities, this portal enables UKZN students to register, view their results, check their fee residency, and other details.

Hence, I won’t be wrong if I say the UKZN Enabler Portal has made UKZN’s students’ lives easy. In the following article, I have gathered further details about this online portal and the steps to log in to the Enable Portal to help new users.

UKZN Student Central- How To Log In To The Enabler Portal?

As I mentioned, the Enabler Portal is a gateway for UKZN students to access important information and conduct numerous education activities. Furthermore, this online portal has made it easier for students to access their examination results and check their fee statements. One of the prominent benefits of this portal is that it allows interested students to apply for residency.

Things You Can Access After Logging Into UKZN Student Central

Once you log in to the Enabler Portal, you can access numerous things, like registering yourself, modifying your Amiddison form, accessing e-books for academic purposes, and much more. It is one of my favorite online platforms because this portal serves as an excellent platform for enhancing your e-learning experience.

How To Register On The Enabler Portal?

To access your academic details on the ENabler Portal, you must first register an account. Follow the following steps to register yourself on the online portal.

  • In the first step, visit the official website of the UKZN Student Central.
  • Once the portal appears on your screen, click the New Registration link to proceed.
  • The link allows you to register yourself on the portal.
  • Enter your basic information in the required field, including your full name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Recheck your details to avoid inconvenience in the future.
  • Once you recheck your details, save them and click Continue.
  • The portal directs you to a page of Rules And Regulations.
  • You must read the page and accept it to proceed ahead.
  • Now, select your modules and timetable blocks, and click Submit.
  • Once the request has been approved, you must upload your required documents.
  • Submit your required documents and click Accept Registration to confirm your registration.

How To Login Enabler Portal?

  • Once you submit your documents and accept your registration, the portal might log you out of your account.
  • You only need to visit Enabler Portal’s official website to log in to your Enabler portal.
  • Click on Login.
  • Enter the student number and password you chose when registering an account.
  • Once you click Submit, the portal navigates you to your student profile dashboard.


The above article contains details about UKZN Student Central. It is also known as the Enabler Portal and is a gateway for UKZN students to access important information and conduct education activities.

This portal allows students to access results, e-books, online learning resources, and more. You can register an account on this portal by visiting its website and following the details mentioned in the above article.

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