Apply for PGCE at UKZN | Requirements & Process

Among all the careers, the most respectable one is teaching; in this field, you earn a positive reputation. Teaching is not just a career but a package to live a different life than ordinary people, where you search for the truth, explore new phenomena, and teach all these to highly qualified people in educational institutes.

But to become like this one, you should apply for a postgraduate certificate education, and the most popular university for this is the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN).

After completing my graduation, I joined this short program, and it enabled me to teach dozens of people in class simultaneously. PGCE is a study after graduation to learn how to teach the senior phase students. Through this program, one can get a respectable job in school or at university, depending on the conditions, so come with me to explore how one can apply for the PGCE at UKZN.

How To Apply For PGCE At UKZN?

UKZN PGCE Application Info

Teaching is one of the highest-paying jobs in South Africa; if you graduated with good scores and are interested in a lectureship, then pursuing a PGCE is a good choice. When I passed my honor’s last exam, I applied for admission at UKZN. I chose UKZN because of the friendly environment, cooperative faculty, and simple-to-follow teaching methods compared to other universities; here are the requirements for PGCE at UKZN.

Eligibility Criteria

Before we proceed to apply for the PGCE, it is crucial to meet the criteria of eligibility. UKZN has strict rules for PGCE admission criteria; therefore, you cannot get admission until you qualify for it. See the criteria for eligibility below!

  • The student must have completed his bachelor’s or equivalent degree approved by the UKZN School of Teaching.
  • 1280 total credit hours for PGCE.
  • To teach the particular course, the applicant must have 7 to 8 NQF levels with subject knowledge.
  • 32 credit hours at level six are required to pursue senior phase subject specialization.

How do I apply?

The duration of PGCE is 1 year; the student has to complete the course within the duration given by the institute. Other things, for example, grading and examination systems, are dependent upon the course you are studying. Well, if you fall within the criteria of eligibility, start applying for admission with me step by step.

Step 1

To apply for admission at UKZN, go to the university’s official website and then tap on the admission window. Here you can see courses, select PGCE, and tap on the admission application form. The page will show you an e-form, which you can access via the link given below.

Step 2

Provide all the information required, and don’t mislead the department. If you provide inauthentic information, the department will reject your application, and if the information goes against the policies of the university, it can take legal action against you.

Step 3

After providing the basic information, upload the documents and make sure that all documents are in PDF format. Once the application is completed, the student becomes a member of the UKZN PGCE community, but there is another phase when you have to verify the membership.

Step 4

UKZN charges a fee according to the program and your previous grades; therefore, you need to pay more money if you have a low NQL score. Anyhow, register for the course, pay money to the relevant bank account; the details are mentioned below, and keep the transcript of the transaction as evidence.

Application fees for SA applicants can be paid into:

  • Name of Account: UKZN Main
  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Type of Account: Business Current Account
  • Account Number: 05 308 0998
  • Branch: Westville
  • Branch Code: 045426
  • Reference: reference number plus student number

Application fees for international applicants can be paid into:

  • Name of Account: UKZN Foreign Deposit
  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Type of Account: Business Current Account
  • Account Number: 05 308 2826
  • Branch: Westville
  • Branch Code: 045426
  • Reference: reference number plus student number
  • Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ


Always submit the form before the last date of admission; PGCE admission opens on July 1 every year, and the last date is 30th September. Do not pay a fee to the anonymous account; do not mention private details anywhere while providing the data regarding previous grades on the application form. You will receive a confirmation email through the university email address that you have been accepted for admission.

Final Words

The course is simple, and one can complete it within a year, so you do not need to do research but learn how to teach people. This program aims to inform the tactics of dealing with people under extreme pressure and tackling kids with a low-level sense. Anyhow, I have explained the entire procedure so you can apply for admission as soon as possible.

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