UKZN Fees – How Much Is the Tuition Fee at UKZN?

As a first-world country, South Africa has numerous prestigious institutes that play a prominent role in enhancing students’ knowledge and opening new opportunities. The University of KwaZulu-Natal is one of those famous institutes in South Africa. It was established on the 1st of January in 2004.

Tuition Fees at UKZN

This prestigious public university has five campuses and has highly competitive admissions. Additionally, it has four colleges with sub-schools that enable students to get admission in different fields of their choice.

The following article contains detailed information on tuition fees at UKZN for various colleges. Let’s dig into the following article and explore the details of UKZN fees.

UKZN Fees- How Much Is The Tuition Fees At UKZN?

Terms And Conditions

Before digging into the details of tuition fees, you must know the terms and conditions of paying fees at UKZN. All tuition fees must be paid in full, irrespective of any situation. Furthermore, you must be mindful that the University of KwaZulu-Natal only accepts bank-guaranteed checks.

Students will receive their electronic fee statements from the university periodically. In addition, returning students must ensure they have paid all outstanding fees before the registration to avoid inconvenience in the future.

Payment Of Tuition Fees At UKZN

One thing you must remember about payment of tuition fees at UKZN is that the university does not accept cash deposits greater than R500 on campus. Therefore, students have to use different methods to pay their tuition fees.

Direct bank deposit ensures overnight clearance. Moreover, Electronic Funds Transfer takes around five working days to clear and confirm your tuition fee payment. On the contrary, international payments take up to two weeks to ensure your tuition payment.

Payment Methods

Electronic Funds Transfer For Self-Funded Students

An Electronic Funds Transfer enables individuals to transfer money electronically from one account to another. It is one of the most common payment methods used worldwide to pay bill fees, send money to other accounts, etc.

Students must write their name correctly on the deposit slip to avoid inconvenience in the future. Furthermore, they must deposit a copy of their payment to their concerned college at UKZN. Students can also submit their EFT deposit slip at the Student Fees Office at the university.

Self-funded students at UKZN can use this method to pay their tuition fees. The following are the bank details of the University for EFT tuition fee payments.

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch: Westville

Branch Code: 045426

Account Number: 053081072

Reference: Student Number ONLY

Bank Details For Sponsor Deposits

These details are not for self-funded students. Students for sponsor deposits should follow the following banking details of the university to pay their tuition fees.

Apart from paying your tuition fees, a student must provide an official Sponsor Payment Letter with the student details and the allocation per student, including the proof of deposit to the Student Funding Office. It allows the staff to confirm your tuition payment.

Bank: Standard Bank – Main Account

Branch: Westville

Branch Code: 045426

Account Number: 053080998

Reference: Sponsor Bursary Code-Student Details

Fax proof of deposit: 031-260 7735

Payment At The University Cashiers

The University of KwaZulu-Natal accepts all MasterCard or Visa debit and credit cards (except American Express and Diners Club cards), cash up to a maximum of R500, and bank-guaranteed cheques.

Tuition Fees Of Different Colleges At UKZN

College Of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences at the University of KwaZulu-Natal is one of the renowned institutes for health-related education in South Africa. It is prominent in healthcare education, research, and healthcare services.

This college offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional research programs to enhance students’ knowledge and skills. These programs primarily include medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, and other healthcare disciplines.

Tuition Fees

Bachelor Degree

B Audiology: 48557

B Speech-Language Pathology: 50120

B Dental Therapy: 43139

B Medical Science, Anatomy: 48349

B Medical Science, Physiology: 43035

B Occupational Therapy: 47932

B Optometry: 42722

B Pharmacy: 42722

B Physiotherapy: 43764

B Sport Science: 45327

B Nursing: 37929

B Nursing (Advance Practice): 53767

B Medicine & B Surgery: 54601

B Oral Hygiene: 38971

2. Honors

Medical Science in Anatomy: 29425

Medical Science in Medical Biochemistry: 36693

Medical Science in Medical Microbiology: 41292

Medical Science in Physiology: 45408

Nursing: 40085

Sports Science: 37176

College Of Law And Management

This institute offers a wide range of academic programs and research projects related to law, business, and management. Like other institutes at UKZN, it also offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

College of Law and Management Approximate Annual Fees

1. Bachelor Degree

B Laws: 45719

B Laws (Part-time): 35335

B Admin: 56908

B Business Administration: 43718

B Business Science: 50065

B Com: 48417

B Com Accounting: 52964

College Of Science And Technology

As evident from its name, this institute is all about science and technology. It offers various science and technology-related programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Tuition Fees

1. Bachelor’s Degree In Science

B Sc Eng: Agricultural: 53425

B Sc Eng: Chemical: 53734

B Sc Eng: Civil: 53538

B Sc Eng: Computer: 54044

B Sc Eng: Electrical: 54044

B Sc Eng: Electronic: 54044

B Sc Eng: Mechanical: 54044

B Sc Land Surveying: 56114

B Agricultural Management: 39843

B Agriculture: 48685

B Sc Stream Life and Earth Sciences Stream (LES): 54849

B Sc Mathematics Stream(M): 46019

B Sc Applied Chemistry: 47224

B Sc Applied Physics: 46019

B Sc Biological Sciences: 43592

B Sc Chemistry and Chemical Technology: 48685

B Sc Computer Science & Information: 48319

Bachelor’s In Technology

B Sc Crop & Horticultural Science: 48685

B Sc Dietetics: 46019

B Sc Environmental Science: 48685

B Sc Geological Sciences: 46019

B Sc Industrial and Applied Biotechnology: 48870

B Sc Marine Biology: 46019

B Sc 4-year Augmented Programme: 42384

BSc Environmental Earth Science: 55700

BSM Bachelor of Science: 47835

Engineering Access Programme: 27114

What is UKZN?

The University of KwaZulu-Natal is one of those famous institutes in South Africa. It was established on the 1st of January in 2004.

How many colleges does UKZN have?

It has four colleges with sub-schools that enable students to get admission in different fields of their choice, including law and management, health science, humanities, and science and technology.

What is the mode of payment for tuition fees at UKZN?

The most common payment method for tuition fees at UKZN is direct deposit through banks because the university limits cash payments.

The above article contains detailed information about the terms and conditions of tuition fees at UKZN, its payment method, and tuition fees for different colleges at UKZN. Though you can use various payment methods, the most common payment method for tuition fees at UKZN is through banks.

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