UKZN Architecture Requirements for Admission

The UKZN Architecture requirements are needlessly strict. However, it is imperative that you follow them all because the admission board rejects all such applications that do not fulfill the criteria. So, to avoid such an embarrassing rejection, you should read the admission requirements carefully before starting.

Lucky for you, I have gathered all the information that you need and am about to disclose all that in the following article. So, if you want to know more, keep reading down below.

UKZN Architecture Requirements

In order to get admission to the UKZN Architecture program, you will have to submit your complete academic record and portfolio for a thorough review by the admission board. However, that is not the extent of it; in fact, there are a few strings attached to the requirements of your academic record and the portfolio, as I am about to discuss below.

Academic Record

When it comes to the academic record, there is a set number of points that you must have scored in order to be eligible for the program of Architecture in UKZN. The weird part is that the course prescribes separate minimum points for each subject. It means that if your points in one issue are below the threshold yet another has the highest scores, you will still be deemed ineligible.

In any case, a total of thirty scores are needed, amongst which mathematics level five has the most significant share. Furthermore, you may also submit your trial scores or the eleven or twelve-grade scores, whichever you want.

Portfolio Requirements

You will also have to build up a complete portfolio to go with your admission application. This portfolio shall include your drawings and written material.

Make sure that all your drawings are on A4 paper because other paper sizes are strictly prohibited. You may use a pen or a pencil to make your drawings; however, you must ensure the pictures are clear.

Furthermore, all the drawings should be unique and specifically made for this portfolio. Photocopies and traced drawings are strictly prohibited.

All your drawings should be stapled together and placed in a folder. After that, enclose the folder in an envelope to keep it separated from your writing materials.

The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that the application requirements for the Architecture course are pretty strict. So, make sure that you read them out at least twice before assembling all the materials for your application. This will save you from the hassle of gathering your stuff at the final moment when you suddenly realize that your application materials are inappropriate.

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