How Much is UKZN Application Fee? | How to Pay it?

UKZN is one of the most popular institutes in South Africa, with five campuses. This public university offers admissions in numerous programs. The enrollment numbers of students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs are 24,897 and 3,807, respectively.

Paying UKZN Application Fee

If you are new to applying for a program at UKZN, you need proper UKZN payment details. The following article explains how to pay the UKZN application fee along with UKZN’s banking details. Let’s dig into the article below and explore the steps to pay the application fee and UKZN’s banking details.

What Is The Application Fee?

An application fee is the amount that an application pays to an institute for applying to a specific program. This fee varies for each program, depending on numerous factors.

The application fee at UKZN is non-refundable, meaning if a candidate changes his mind after paying, the institute won’t refund him the money. Furthermore, the application fee is not part of the tuition fees at UKZN.

Application Fee For Different Levels

The application fee for South African undergraduate students at UKZN is R245. On the contrary, the application fee for returning students at UKZN is approximately R200.

There is no application fee for postgraduate students at UKZN. Remember, this fee amount may vary depending on your chosen course.

How To Pay UKZN’s Application Fee?

Since applying for admission at UKZN is an online process, you can also pay your application fee online through a debit card or bank transfer. Follow the following steps to pay your UKZN’s application fee through bank transfer.

Bank Transfer

UKZN provides its official banking details for South African and international applicants on its website. All you need to do is take those details and transfer the application fee to the institute’s bank account. To find UKZN’s banking details, read the article below.

Proof Of Payment

Once you transfer the money to the bank account, keep a copy as proof of payment to avoid inconvenience in the future. Now, visit the university’s online portal for the application process. Complete your application process and provide your payment details, proof of payment, and reference number from your bank deposit.


Ensure you receive a confirmation message that your application fee is paid and the university has received it. You will receive this confirmation message from the university.

UKZN Banking Details

South African Students

  • Name of Account: UKZN Student Deposit
  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Type of Account: Business Current Account
  • Account Number: 05 308 1072
  • Branch: Westville
  • Branch Code: 045426
  • Reference: Student number

International Students

  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Account Name: UKZN MAIN
  • Type of Account: Business Current Account
  • Account Number: 05 308 2826
  • Branch Code: 045426
  • Reference: 2762 11817 and Student’s Full Name
  • Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ


The above article explains the application fee and how to pay UKZNs. Furthermore, it contains UKZN’s banking details to help you pay your application fee without inconvenience. The application fee is the fee an applicant pays to an institute when applying to a specific program.

It can vary, depending on each program. You can pay your UKZN application fee through a bank transfer. The banking details for South African students are different than that for international students.

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