How Many Points Do You Need to Study Psychology at UKZN?

Are you aspiring to pursue a psychology degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal? UKZN has an innovative approach to psychology education that bridges the gap between theory and practice, completely transforming the way students study this subject. Moreover, this university is known for its commitment to quality education; therefore, it is a perfect institution for studying psychology.

UKZN has eligibility criteria for every discipline to ensure a solid academic background of students. Similarly, if you want to be admitted to psychology at UKZN, you must attain specific points and meet the requirements to ensure your place at the university.

So, let’s analyze the entry requirements for studying psychology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Psychology at UKZN

The University of KwaZulu-Natal integrates community-based service learning (CBSL) into psychology modules. It creates an experiential learning environment where students get to apply psychological theory in practical settings in an effort to give something back to the communities. Moreover, students studying psychology at UKZN learn how to work respectfully and politely, ultimately polishing their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Additionally, UKZN offers various psychology courses. For instance, you can go for Clinical Psychology from Howard College Campus and PMB Campus, Counseling Psychology from Howard College Campus and PMB Campus, and Educational Psychology from PMB Campus only.

Eligibility Criteria

UKZN is a well-trusted institution, and students from all over the world want to get admission to this university. Therefore, the admission process is competitive, and you must meet the criteria set by the university to guarantee your place in that particular field. Moreover, like other fields, psychology also has some requirements to ensure a solid academic background for students.

APS Points Requirement

UKZN has not issued any score requirement, particularly for psychology admission. Therefore, getting hands-on exact points required to study at UKZN is not possible at the moment. However, the University posted on its official Facebook page about the minimum points requirement at UKZN, which is 28.

The APS range of the College of Health Sciences is from 30 and 33 to 48 for undergrad degree requirements. Therefore, it is safe to deduce that you must have at least 33 points to study psychology at UKZN. Furthermore, the point system considers various factors, including the subjects you have studied and the score you have achieved.

Additionally, NSC subject requirements are also crucial to study psychology at UKZN. For most undergrad degrees, the university prefers NSC results, including English, LO, Mathematics, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences. Furthermore, contacting the university for more specific entry requirements information is suggested.

In short, the University of KwaZulu-Natal has a unique approach to teaching psychology to bridge the gap between theory and practice through Community-Based Service Learning. Moreover, the university follows the Admission Point System to calculate students’ academic levels. The points required for an undergrad degree range from 30 to 48.

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