How to Calculate DP Marks UKZN?

The University of KwaZulu-Natal is a public university with five campuses in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa and was established on 1 January 2004. It is one of the most well-known universities in South Africa. If you recently enrolled in this university and are about to appear in your first exam, you must know about DP marks.

Calculating DP Marks at UKZN

Duly performed marks refer to the marks a candidate earns throughout his semester or term for his projects, class performance, assignments, practical work, etc. The primary purpose of DP marks is to track a student’s academic progress throughout the term in each module. The following article explains how a UKZN student calculates his DP marks according to its policies.

How To Calculate DP Marks At UKZN?

As I mentioned earlier, duly performed marks refer to a student’s marks he earns throughout the semester based on his academic progress. If a candidate completes the minimum semester attendance requirements, he performs duly throughout the term and can appear in the examination.

Moreover, each course at UKZN has a specific DP percentage requirement, which tells if a candidate is eligible to appear in an exam.

In other words, if a candidate doesn’t fulfill the required DP percentage of a course or module, he can’t appear in the exam. Hence, I won’t be wrong if I say that DP marks play a prominent role in your academic progress at UKZN.

Calculating DP Marks

Understanding Grading Scales

To calculate your DP marks at UKZN, the first step is to understand the grading scales because UKZN uses grading scales to assess students’ performance. The most common grading scale is 0-100.

When I was new at UKZN, I didn’t understand the grading scales. To help you understand them quickly, I have mentioned the grade boundaries below.

  • 75-100: Distinction (A)
  • 70-74: First Class (A-)
  • 60-69: Upper Second Class (B)
  • 50-59: Lower Second Class (C)
  • 40-49: Third Class (D)
  • Below 40: Fail (F)

Obtaining Assessment Details

Once you understand the grading scale, it’s time to start calculating your DP marks. Start by reviewing your curriculum to find out the weightage of your assessments.

Calculate Weighted Marks

After reviewing your course outline, multiply your achieved marks in each assessment by its percentage weighting. This procedure gives you your weighted marks for the examination.

Add The Marks

You must calculate the weighted marks of each assessment to proceed further. Now, add all the weighted marks of your assessments together.

Convert To A Percentage

Once you sum all the weighted marks of your assessments, convert them into percentages. Divide your total weighted marks by the total percentage of the assessments in the semester.

Apply the Grading Scale

Match your percentage with the grading scale to determine your DP marks and determine if you are eligible to appear in the examination. You can use the grading scale I mentioned above to calculate your DP marks.


The above article explains how to calculate DP marks at UKZN. UKZN is one of the famous institutes in South Africa.

It follows a grading system to calculate a student’s DP marks. A candidate’s DP marks determine if he is eligible to appear in the examination because DP marks contain details of his academic progress throughout the term.

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