How To Cancel UIF For R350 Online? & Fix SASSA Declined

If you are an unemployed South African and looking for government assistance to cater to your basic necessity of life, then I am sure you know the struggle of applying for both the UIF and R350 grants.

how to cancel uif for r350

The thing is you can not apply for both at the same time and be eligible for them both.

There are many reasons for that which we will be discussing further in the following article. However, the primary question that I will be targeting today is: How to cancel a UIF for R350?

How & Why Cancel UIF?

Once you have qualified for the UIF fund, you can not receive the SASSA R350 fund. This is because the two systems are interconnected and any information that comes similar to it is canceled out.

Hence, there is no way that you could ever be eligible for SASSA R350 after you have qualified for UIF.

Now, you must be wondering how you could get out of this checkmate kind of situation, right?

So, to answer that, let me tell you that UIF does not have the option to allow you to cancel your application. Once you are qualified, that’s it, you are in for life.

There is no backing out of your qualification. It means that you can never be qualified for SASA R350 at the same time you are qualified for UIF.

Now, I understand how tough things can get when you are in need of money and the government agencies try to fend you off with such systematic problems. However, there is a small chance that you could get the agencies to reconsider your request for the R350 grant.

UIF Vs R350: Why UIF Registered SASSA Declined Status?

Both these grants have the same purpose. The aim is to help unemployed people ease their suffering and help them get employed. The grant is enough for the receiver to be able to afford the basic necessities of life.

Now, moving on to the tough part and that is the difference between the two and why you can not receive money from both the funds at the same time.

  • First off, these have entirely different criteria and filtration processes leading to the final decision of whether to grant a bursary to an applicant or not.
  • You may be qualified for one but disqualified for the other. Or it may so happen that you qualify for both but only receive one grant.
  • However, in some rare cases, it may also happen that you qualify for the UIF bursary and start receiving funds and then apply for SASSA R350 as well.
  • In such a case, your application status will show “UIF Registered SASSA Declined”. It means that the system knows that you are already taking payments from the UIF and hence deems you unqualified for the R350.
  • Another major difference between UIF and R350 is that UIF is specifically for people who are only temporarily unemployed. These are the people who were previously employed but due to some illness or disability, they can not work for a couple of months.
  • However, there is a certainty that these people will be back to work after they have recovered completely.
  • On the other hand, a SASSA R350 grant is for permanently unemployed people who are either too old or too sick to go back to work ever again.
  • These include people on meagre pensions who can not have a decent living out of the little money they get.

How to Get SASSA Grant along with UIF?

You may send SASSA a reconsideration notice. Most of the time, the driving force for your eligibility is the duration of your unemployment. Since UIF is only for a temporary period of time, the SASSA administrators might consider granting you a bursary irrespective of your qualification in UIF.

However, for this option to be successful, you need to prove that you have been unemployed for a very long time and that you have no means to cater to your basic necessities of life.

It might take them a few days to process your notice, but they will surely consider your request and duly let you know whether your request has been accepted or denied.

Another tip for you to increase your chances of winning your case is to be extra mindful of what you put on your appeal. Make sure to mention how distressed you are and that there are no chances of you getting employed. Also, mention that there is no one to support you in these hard times.

However, none of this information should be based on lies or wrongful fabrication. I am only recommending you mention your problems rather than making up false claims of poverty. If you do so, it will only weaken your application and might cost you your entire case. So, honesty is the best policy here.

Stick to the truth. You may exaggerate your troubles a little but do not stray far from the truth. Remember, the system keeps a record of your personal information so believe me when I tell you, the system knows what you are up to.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all from my side. I hope you found this information extremely helpful. I tried my best to explain everything in as simple words as possible. I mentioned the similarities between the UIF and R350 on the basis of which you may confuse the two.

Then, I moved on to discussing the differences between the two different kinds of bursaries. After that, I told you the bitter reality of canceling the UIF application.

And finally, I closed off by letting you in on a little secret of how you can force the SASSA R350 authorities to reconsider granting you their bursary. There is a fifty percent chance that they will reject your application but still a good fifty percent chance that they will accept a plea.

Just remember to include all the relevant information in your application and make sure to write all your problems in detail.


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