SASSA Status Pending | Cause & Solution

Are you worried about your ‘pending’ SASSA status? You can relax because this status appears in many SASSA applicants when they apply for the grant. Moreover, this means your application was successfully submitted, but something is lacking.

The South African Social Security Agency provides financial assistance to financially weak South African citizens. However, when they submit their application, it might not instantly get approved. Therefore, this blog will clarify your questions on why your status says ‘pending,’ for how long it will be the same, and possible solutions.

SASSA Status Pending

SASSA has been helping people with bursaries and loans, but the special r350 grant proved very helpful during the financial crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are a huge number of people whose life depends on it. Therefore, people apply for SASSA grants hoping to get approved; however, it can become very unpleasant to see anything other than ‘approved’ in your SASSA status.

The Application Process

Before moving towards the reason behind a pending status, it is crucial to understand the application process as it gives you an insight into what happens to your application after you submit it. The application undergoes a verification process after submission. Moreover, the SASSA officials cross-check and confirm your information from various departments to check your details.

Additionally, your ID, name, and contact information get checked with different agencies. Furthermore, your documents are checked, and your income sources are checked as well.

Why Does My SASSA Status Say ‘Pending’?

The pending status means that your application is under observation. There can be various reasons why your application is not confirmed. So, let’s go through each one of them.

Usually, this can result from an overload of applications; when SASSA receives an overwhelming amount of applications, the verification process might get delayed. So, this can result in a pending status, and you might have to wait a little longer for the application approval.

If there is an issue with the funding and SASSA lacks the required amount, your application might be put on hold till the funding is acquired. Similarly, they might be checking you for other funds and bursaries like Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), or South African Revenue Services (SARS). So, if you receive any other funding, your application will be double-checked, then declined.

One of the most common reasons is errors in documents or incomplete documents. If SASSA finds any mistake or lacking in your documents, they will put your application on hold. So, always try to send full documents without any errors.

How Long Does SASSA Pending Take?

There is no exact answer to this question as SASSA has not given any official period within which your pending issue will be resolved. However, SASSA takes several weeks to check and confirm your information with many agencies and departments. Generally, it takes about three weeks to process a SASSA application.

Usually, the pending status takes about 14 days to resolve. So, it would be best to wait as it might remain pending for 14 days. However, this is not a fixed number and might take less than 14 days.

How to Fix SASSA Pending Status?

You can take some safety precautions to avoid this problem. For instance, providing all of the documents that are required will help you. Similarly, you must double-check the information that you provide in the application.

Additionally, you need to ensure you are not receiving any other funding. However, if your pending application takes longer than the estimated time, you can contact SASSA through their WhatsApp number or email. Afterward, if they tell you about missing documents, email or FAX it to SASSA to solve this issue.

Why is my SASSA R350 status ‘reapplication pending’?

If you are facing this issue, it means that SASSA did not receive your application or you haven’t given them consent to check your personal and financial information.

In short, SASSA ‘Pending’ status can be due to various reasons like not giving complete and correct information, missing documents, lack of funding, or overload of applications. However, despite the reason, you must ensure to give complete and accurate information from your end so that you don’t face any unwanted delays in your application approval.

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