SASSA Self Exclusion Response Found | Meaning & Solution

So you have applied for SASSA R 350 SRD grant and you have checked your application status but the status check says “Self Exclusionary Response Found”? Now you’re confused about what this means and what you have to do now?

No need to worry as this guide tells you everything about the “self-exclusionary response found” and what you can do if your SRD R 350 status check says that.

SASSA Self Exclusionary Response Found

We will first look at the brief detail about what the status check “self-exclusionary response found” means and what you can do about that.

What Does “Self Exclusionary Response Found” Mean?

The “self-exclusionary response found” means your application is declined and you are not eligible for getting the grant. The reason for the decline of your application is either that you are already receiving more than R 350 financial support per month or the information you have provided on your application says that you are staying in a government facility and you do not qualify for the grant. If it happens to you that means now you have to submit an appeal.

How To Submit An Appeal?

Submitting an appeal is important because it initiates the reconsideration of your application process. Following are the details of how to submit an appeal. Read the step-by-step guide carefully, so you know how to submit an appeal correctly.

  • In order to submit an appeal you need to visit the official website of SASSA. Click on the link to open the official website of SASSA
  • After the website opens, look for the green bar that says “check appeal status” or “click here to lodge an appeal”.
  • Click on that.
  • Now you have to enter your ID card number and cell phone number.
  • What you have to make sure of is that the ID number and cell phone number you are providing in the appeal application are the same that you provided in the first application that was declined before.
  • Now click on “send pin”.
  • Wait until you receive a message that contains the verification pin in it on the mobile number you have provided.
  • Now enter the pin you have received on your message and click on “submit”.
  • Now you have to select the month that you are submitting an appeal.
  • Now look at the drop-down arrow, click on it, and choose the reason why you are appealing.
  • Make sure to choose the accurate reason to ensure that your appeal does not get declined again
  • Now click on “submit”.

Important Things To Keep In Mind While Submitting An Appeal

  • Make sure you are providing the correct information: your phone number and id card number should be the same as that you have provided in the application.
  • You have to appeal within 30 days of receiving the declined letter.
  • Your appeal will not be registered after 3 months of receiving the declined status.
  • Keep in mind to select the accurate reason for submitting an appeal.
  • You have to submit an appeal separately for each month you want to get the grant.
  • Always make sure to track your appeal to check what is the status of your SRD appeal.

Can I write another mobile number in the appeal than the one I have written in the application?

No, you have to be very careful about writing your personal information in the appeal form because if your information does not match the information on your application form, your appeal will decline. In order to make sure that you get the grant at the appropriate time, you have to submit an appeal with the same information such as the same id number and same cell phone number that you have written on your application form.

What is the “self-exclusionary response found”?

When you check your SRD R 350 grant and the status check says “self-exclusionary response found” that means your application is declined. And now you have to appeal again. The main causes of declining the application include that you are not eligible for getting the grant either because you are receiving more than R 350 financial support monthly or the information on the application says that you are already under some government facility.

Hopefully, you have gone through the above-mentioned article that tells you about what you can do if your status check says SASSA “self-exclusionary response found”. If your status check says “self-exclusionary response found” that means you are not eligible for getting the grant and your application is declined.

To avoid that you can submit an appeal. The correct procedure for submitting an appeal is mentioned above. Make sure to follow the step-by-step process attentively so you can submit an appeal and get to know whether you will get the grant for the particular month or not.

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