SASSA Childrens Grant Application Process

Children are the future of any country and the state must secure and grant them their rights. So to address the fundamental needs of underprivileged children the government of South Africa provides SASSA children’s grants.

If you are a resident of South Africa and belong to an underprivileged family, you should take advantage of this social welfare program. Read this article if you want to know everything about SASSA children’s grants and its application process.

SASSA Children Grant Application

SASSA Children Grant (SCG) provides great relief to vulnerable families but just like any other social grant application SCG has a few requirements and eligibility criteria that one should fulfill if he/she wants to enjoy the benefits of this grant.

Requirements of SASSA Child Grant

Before we move on to the SASSA children grant application process I would like to share the requirements for this grant so you could know who is eligible to apply for the SASSA Children Grant. This grant has the following requirements:

  • Applicants must be a citizen or a permanent resident of South Africa.
  • Only primary caregivers can apply for the SASSA Children Grant on behalf of a child.
  • Applicants must not be receiving any other social grant to take care of the child.
  • You can only take SASSA child grants if the child is under 18 years as it is the SASSA child grant age limit.
  • The child must be attending a school to get an education.
  • The applicant must not be earning more than R52 800 annually if single and if married both partners must not be earning more than R105 600 per year.

Required Documents for SASSA Children Grant Application

I have applied for this grant so I know what documents applicants will need at the time of application submission. So if you have read the eligibility criteria and think you are eligible for this grant, here’s what you need to do further. I am sharing a list of documents with you all so make sure you have all these before applying.

  • Birth certificate of the child.
  • A valid identity card of the applicant or any identification documents that show you are a citizen or a permanent resident of South Africa. If you are married the same rule applies to your spouse so in the case of married couples both partners will need to provide a valid ID.
  • Proof of income showing that you are not earning more than the amount mentioned in the eligibility criteria. You can prove this by providing the bank’s statement for the last three months or your pay slips, pension receipt, etc.
  • If you are fostering the child then SASSA will need proof that the biological parents of the child are not supporting their child financially.
  • Moreover, if you are not the parent of the child but a primary caregiver then you will need to provide an affidavit to prove your stance. For this you can use an affidavit from the child’s parent, his/her school head, a report from a social worker, or an affidavit from the police station.
  • If the child is receiving any other grant also add its details with the other documents.
  • Death certificate in case the parent is deceased and a court order for the custody of the child if the parents are divorced or separated.

SASSA Grant Application Form

Always remember, to successfully apply to SASSA Children Grant (SCG) you will need all the documents mentioned above because SASSA does not compromise on the eligibility and documentation. So make sure you get all the documents ready before the deadline.

  • If you are an eligible applicant for the SASSA child grant and have got all the documents that we have mentioned in this article then waste no time and apply for the SASSA Children Grant using the following link.
  • Download the form by clicking on the link provided above and take a print of it and fill in your information in all the boxes.
  • Fill out the SASSA Child Grant application form carefully. Add your personal and residential information in the first half of the form and your source of income in the second half.
  • Moreover, this form covers all the essential aspects that confirm the applicant is the primary caregiver of the child or his/her biological parent. The applicant can also claim if he/she is a divorcee or a death certificate if applicable.
  • In addition to that if you want to apply for the grant for more than one child then you also include the other child’s details on the same form.
  • Lastly, sign the form and submit it with the supporting documents in any nearby SASSA office if you are applying in person.

How to Apply for SCG Online

  • If you want to apply for the SASSA Child Grant online then visit the official website of SASSA and register as a “New User” if you don’t have an account. Those who have an account just add your credentials and press the “login” button.
  • After registering, select SASSA Child Grant and fill out the application form.
  • Print the form, get it signed by the commissioner, and submit it along with the bank payment form.

Make sure you upload the required documents in PDF form for further processing. We have mentioned the documents that are required for SCG in a separate section of this article.

Still, if you don’t know what documents will go with your application, check the “Required Documents for SASSA Children Grant Application” heading of this article. I am sure it will be helpful as documents for in-person submission and online submission of the SCG application are the same.

How Much is SASSA Child Grant 2023

Currently, the SASSA Child Grant is R500 per child every month. Keeping the increasing inflation in mind, the South African government plans to increase this grant to give maximum relief to their needy citizens. According to reports SASSA Child Grant 2023 will be increased to R510 in October 2023. So all those who have applied for SCG will receive R510 SASSA Child Grant instead of R500 from October.

When and How SASSA Grants Paid?

Waiting for the grant to be deposited in your bank account after applying is full of impatient moments, but application evaluation is a long process and takes some time. So all those who have applied for SCG recently should know that SASSA takes at least 3 months to process grant applications and as soon as your application is approved you will receive the grant directly in your bank account. Moreover, you don’t need to apply for the grant after every month as it is a full-year social grant so the grant amount will be deposited to the successful applicant’s bank accounts after every month.

For How Long I Can Receive SASSA Child Grant?

All those who have applied for SASSA Child Grant should know you will not receive this grant forever. Although it is applicable for a year, the grant expires if any of the following events occur.

  • If the child dies, the government will stop providing SCG to the applicant.
  • When the child turns 18.
  • The child has left the country.
  • The applicant or child is getting a grant from any other institute.
  • Change in the applicant’s financial status in a good way means they are earning more than the eligibility criteria set for the grant.


How much is the SASSA child grant 2023?

Currently, SASSA is providing R500 to all the eligible applicants as SASSA Child Grant but there is an increase of R10 is expected in the SASSA Child Grant and will be applicable from October 2023. So the applicants whose applications are approved for SCG will receive R510 from October 2023.

How much is SASSA’s payment for children?

SASSA pays R500 for each child whose parents or caregivers are unable to fulfill his/her needs. Plus, if the child is an orphan they will receive an additional R250. So SASSA provides a total of R750 to orphans.

Where to collect SASSA child support grants?

Just like all other grants applicants will receive the SASSA Child Support Grant directly into their bank accounts. However, if you selected cash instead of a bank deposit, you can collect the grant amount from a SASSA PayPoint or Post office.

Why is SASSA not paying child grants?

Many times SASSA does not send any child grant to the applicants. The possible reason is that the applicant is no longer eligible for the grant because he/she is fulling the criteria anymore. This could be a change in financial conditions, the age of the child, etc.

In Conclusion

All South African residents facing financial issues and unable to provide for their children’s basic needs can ask the government for financial help through SASSA Child Grant. This article explains everything that is related to the SASSA Child Grant application. I am confident you will find the content of our article helpful.

Just follow our guide if you want to understand the SASSA Child Grant application. Thank you for your time.

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