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SASSA is under the Ministry of Welfare which has organized this department perfectly and allows participants to change various details they have given to the department. The most occurring problem people face after participating in R350 Grant is amending banking details and changing account number from the SASSA record.

When we create an account on the SASSA official website and submit our plea to get funding, it asks users to provide banking details. But the problem occurs when you have submitted the details and now you want to change the account number or bank branch number. Anyways, the procedure to change banking details is a bit longer but not tough, so you can understand it effortlessly. Change Banking Details for R350

SASSA grants are provided to the participants via bank accounts but if you want to change the bank account details such as you had an account in Standard Bank but now you are using ABSA Group Limited, then changing the banking details is highly important. These details should be based on authentic information and one should not mislead the department, otherwise, it can take legal action against you.

The process for changing the SASSA banking details is a bit longer but simple. One can conveniently understand how to change the SASSA banking details and submit the new information. I have divided the entire procedure into simple steps, so you can follow each one and proceed further gradually.

Steps To Change SASSA Banking Details

Step 1

To change the banking details, visit the official website of the SASSA and scroll down to the end of the page. Click on the button according to your condition “For SA Nationality Holders” and “Asylum Seekers”. The link will take you to another page where you see instructions.

Step 2

Scroll down again and you will see an option “How to change banking details”. Read all the instructions mentioned here before you provide the personal details and if you agree with them, enter the ID number. As you tap on the submit button, it will login your account and show your portal where you can view all the details.

Step 3

Here you should navigate the “Banking Details” and it will ask for your phone number to verify your identity. Provide the contact number you have linked with the SASSA and it will send you a link containing SMS. Tap on the link mentioned in the SMS and new page will appear.

Step 4

Now you can edit the banking details such as changing the account number, linking SASSA with a new bank account, or changing your phone number. Once you provide the new details such as a recent account number or bank account, the system will verify it again via SMS. Enter the OTP you receive via SMS and your changes are verified.

Step 5

The next task is to submit these new changes but before you tap on the “Submit” button, make sure the details you have provided are accurate. If you are satisfied, submit the changes and log out of your account. Go to the first page and check the application status, it will show you that your banking details have been changed plus you will also receive a confirmation SMS.

Banking Details – Update & Submission

The South African Social Security Agency has made its system simpler for users as it has to deal with millions of people. Now you do not need to visit the office or report a complaint to change the banking details, instead, the way to update and submit the banking details is easier than before. I have divided the entire procedure into steps for you to learn how to submit banking details R350.

How to Submit Banking Details to SASSA for R350?

Step 1

Open the official website of the SASSA SRD R350 grant and it will ask for basic information to login. The page will open with instructions, scroll down and you will see two buttons “South African ID Holders” and “Asylum Seekers”. Choose one according to your case and proceed further.

Step 2

As you click on the button, it will show you different instructions but scroll down again and it will show you the heading “How to change banking details”. Here you should keep in mind that to update and submit the alteration, you have to provide the ID number and password. After providing all the relevant information then click on the login button.

Step 3

Search the “Banking Details” section which is located in the middle of the page and open the link. Before you update the information, it will verify who is approaching the personal details and then proceed further. Provide the ID number and phone number which is associated with the SASSA banking details and it will send a link via SMS.

Step 4

Open the link which is available in the SMS and you will reach a page where you can complete the process. Here you can conveniently update the banking details such as the branch number or phone number. But you should make sure that the details you have updated are accurate in order to effortlessly withdraw money.

Step 5

You have updated the details but have not submitted the changes yet, for this, go to the end of the page and click on the “Submit” button. The SASSA website will show you a notification that your banking details are updated plus you will receive a confirmation SMS. In case the details are not saved, you should check again and call the helpline.

Call SASSA at 080060 10 11

When Should I Update SASSA Banking Details?

You should keep an eye on the SASSA banking details because it is highly significant for safe transactions. According to SASSA instructions, one should update the banking details from time to time so he can receive the money without any restriction. One should update the banking details when he has requested for R350 Grant but he has not received payment.

Such problems occur because you are using the account with old banking details but recently you have shifted from one branch number to another. That’s why you have not received the grant but if you update it, the problem will be solved. Second, you should update SASSA every 2 months to keep the transactions safe.

How many days does it take to change SASSA banking details?

The duration of SASSA banking details change duration depends upon the system but usually, it takes 7 working days for the SASSA to change banking details of participants.

What happens when you change your SASSA banking details?

When one changes the SASSA banking details, the system sends a message to verify that it is the original user or someone else trying to reach the account. It sends an SMS containing a link, so the user can verify.

How does SASSA verify bank details?

SASSA has an organized body to verify and proceed further with the applications and pleas. If you are changing your bank account details, it sends an SMS to verify who is accessing your account.

How do I know if my bank account is verified?

When you change the details or enter a new bank account number on the SASSA portal, it shows you a notification that the details are changed. The applicant also receives a confirmation SMS and the system sends an email to inform you that your details are changed.

Changing the banking details on the SASSA portal is a simple but a bit longer task in which you may need assistance. The best way to change the details in a short duration is by using the SASSA official portal. The account details will be changed within a few days and you will receive money in your new account.

If you are updating the details such as your name, the branch number, and so on, then you should also follow the same method. But in updating information, SASSA does not verify more than 2 times while for changing the banking details it verifies 3 to 4 times and it takes a bit more time. Anyhow, I have explained how to update the personal information on the SASSA important and change the banking details in a few steps.


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