SASSA Cancellation (4 Ways to Cancel Application)

South Africa, one of the most developed countries, manages numerous grant programs to facilitate its citizens and help them fulfill their necessities. There are numerous SASSA grants to help orphans, unemployed individuals, old people, widows, and more.

One thing you must remember about these grants is that SASSA provides grants for a specific time. Once you are financially stable and don’t need SASSA grants anymore, you must cancel your grant.

Though applying for SASSA grants is a less time-consuming and easy process, many people might face difficulty in canceling their grants. If you previously applied for the Social Relief Of Distress Grant and want to cancel it, the following article can help you in many ways.

How To Cancel SRD Grant Applications?

SASSA grants are commonly known as SRD grants. These grants are vital in helping South African citizens to fulfill their financial needs. In other words, these grants provide financial assistance to needy citizens in their difficult times.

Remember, you must be eligible for a certain SASSA grant to get the aid. To apply for these grants, you can simply visit SASSA’s official website and follow the instructions. If you want to cancel your application, the following step-by-step guide is all you need.

When To Cancel Your SRD Grant?

One of the most common questions that arise in everyone’s mind when talking about canceling SASSA grants is, why should one cancel his SRD grant? When I was new to applying for SASSA grants, I didn’t know why and how to cancel SASSA grants.

If you are curious about the reasons that lead to the cancellation of your grant, don’t worry because I have listed the reasons why you should cancel your SRD grants.

One of the most common reasons that lead to the cancellation of the grants is that some people previously qualify for the grant, but after some time they get financially stable.

In such a situation, you are not allowed to take more grants from SASSA. Otherwise, it will sue you for fraud. Hence, to avoid such a situation, you must cancel your application when you are no longer eligible for it.

In other words, individuals who do not fall in the eligibility criteria for SRD grants are supposed to cancel their application. Furthermore, if you have multiple sources of income and a high salary, you must immediately cancel your grant application.

Methods To Cancel SRD Grants

As I mentioned earlier, SASSA offers an easy and convenient grant application method to facilitate users. Similarly, it offers multiple methods to cancel a grant. The following are the most convenient methods to cancel SASSA grant applications without any hassle.

Steps To Cancel SRD Grant Applications Via The Website

One of the most convenient and suitable methods to cancel a grant application is using SASSA’s official website. Follow the following instructions to cancel your application via the website.

  • Visit SASSA’s official website.
  • Scroll down to “How To Cancel My Application?” and click it.
  • When you click on it, a yellow bar appears on your screen containing the text “Click Here To Cancel Online?”
  • Upon clicking on this option, you will be directed to the new page on the website.
  • This page on the site requires you to enter your information, including your ID number, phone number, and other details.
  • Once you enter your contact information, you have to click on “Send PIN.”
  • When you click on this option, SASSA will send you your OTP PIN to your phone number.
  • Enter your PIN in the required field and click on the option “Cancel My Grant.”
  • SASSA will take some time to verify your details and confirm cancellation.

Steps To Cancel SRD Grant Applications Via Email

Since SASSA manages numerous grants at a time, its website is usually busy due to website traffic and many grant applications. Apart from using SASSA’s official website, you can cancel your grant application through email. To cancel your application, follow the instructions I mentioned below.

  • Find SASSA’s official website through its website.
  • Open your email ID and compose your email.
  • Remember, you must mention the reason for cancellation and provide all details to request your application’s cancellation.
  • Recheck your email and submit it.
  • Wait for SASSA’s response and follow the instructions mentioned in the email.

Steps To Cancel SRD Grant Applications Via Whatsapp

Usually, SASSA takes time to respond to an email because of numerous applications and other grant-related activities. Hence, many people don’t prefer websites and email because of the delay.

If you are one of those people, this method can solve your problem. I prefer instant applications and cancellation processes without any hassle.

When I wanted to cancel my grant application, I used this method, and it helped me request the cancellation within a few minutes. If you also want to experience a hassle-free cancelation process, follow the following instructions.

  • Find SASSA’s Whatsapp number and compose a message requesting the grant cancellation.
  • Type “Cancel SRD Grant”, choose “Cancel My Application” from the appeared options, and send your message.
  • Enter your ID number and contact information for the verification process.
  • Once you confirm your request, a SASSA representative will view your message and respond to it after some time.
  • Follow the instructions in the message sent by the SASSA representative to cancel your application.

Steps To Cancel SRD Grant Applications Via Toll-Free Number

If you find any of the above methods inconvenient or unsuitable, you can follow the method to cancel your application immediately. SASSA has a specific Toll-Free number to answer queries regarding its grants. Follow the below steps to request grant cancellation via a Toll-Free helpline number.

  • Call SASSA’s Toll-Free number.
  • Request its representative for the application cancellation.
  • Follow his instructions and provide your details to cancel your grant.

How To Reinstate SRD Grant Applications After Cancelation?

SASSA as one of the leading government departments in South Africa offers numerous advancements to users. The best part about SASSA grants is that it enables applicants to reinstate their application after the cancellation. If you want to reinstate or recover your grant application after the cancellation, follow the instructions I mentioned below.

  • To reinstate your application, the first thing you should do is visit SASSA’s official website.
  • Scroll down to “Reinstate My Canceled Application.”
  • Once you click on this option, a yellow bar appears on your screen saying “Click Here To Reinstate.”
  • Click on the option to go to the reinstatement page on the website.
  • When you request your application’s reinstatement, you will receive your OTP PIN on the given phone number.
  • Enter your OTP in the required field on the website to proceed ahead.
  • Once you verify your PIN, choose the reason for reinstatement of your application and submit your request.
  • SASSA will get back to you, verify your request, and decide whether to reinstate your application after cancellation or not.

What Are The Reasons For SRD Grants’ Reinstatement?

When I was new at applying for SASSA grants, I didn’t know much about the reasons that lead to the reinstatement of applications after cancellation. If you are also new to applying for such grants, you also might not know about such procedures.

For your clarity, SASSA enables users to reinstate their canceled applications due to many reasons. Sometimes, unemployed individuals get a new job and cancel their application because they are no longer eligible for the grant but they lose their job again.

The policy of SASSA enables them to reinstate their application and request for the grant. Various other reasons can lead to the application’s reinstatement, but no income and mistaken cancellation are the most common ones.

How to cancel SRD grants online?

SASSA manages numerous grants to facilitate South African citizens. Sometimes an applicant has to cancel his grant application due to various reasons. To cancel your application, you must request SASSA for the cancellation either through the website, Toll-Free helpline, Whatsapp, or email.

What methods can I use to cancel my SRD application?

As SASSA is among the leading departments in South Africa, it offers various methods to cancel an application. You can cancel your grant application via email, website, Whatsapp, or Toll-Free helpline number. Choose the most convenient method according to your requirements.

Why should I cancel my SRD grant application?

Many individuals new to applying for SASSA grants don’t know the reasons that lead to the cancellation of grants. One of the most prominent reasons to cancel your application is for individuals who do not fall in the eligibility criteria. If you applied for a grant during your unemployment and now got a job, immediately cancel your application, or SASSA will sue you for fraud.

How can I reapply for SRD grants?

To reapply for your SRD grants, all you need to do is visit SASSA’s official website, click “How To Reinstate Canceled Application” and follow the instructions.

The above guide contains detailed information on the cancellation and reinstatement of SRD grants. Many factors lead to the cancellation of grants at SASSA. If you previously applied for the SRD Grant during unemployment, but got a job, you must cancel your application.

Otherwise, SASSA will sue you for the fraud. Furthermore, its advanced facilities allow users to cancel their applications via different methods on different platforms. If you cancel your application due to any reason and want to reinstate your application, you can follow the above instructions and request for the application reinstatement.


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